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EMStoken’s New Collaboration: Weeding out the next big thing



EMStokens New Collaboration Weeding out the next big thing

EMStoken is a crypto-currency used in several industries. These industries include Health and Wellness, CBD, Hemp/farming and Electronic gaming. EMStoken has worked consistently over the past year to build partnerships with such industries and we are looking to expand further. Previous partnerships have included CompareCBD and WorldCBDAwards.

PotCoin is a global crypto-currency used in the cannabis industry. PotCoin works in a similar way to Bitcoin, except that the usage is primarily to purchase cannabis in a legal manner. Users all over the world can sign up online, collect their digital coins, and spend them via the internet.


The alliance with PotCoin means that EMStoken can increase engagement through its platform. Additionally, it will be able to be up-to-date with the latest information in the industry and with the expertise of both sides. The two teams will be able to make great things happen!

Here’s what some of the colleagues say about the new collaboration. “We are excited about collaborating with Potcoin and look forward to advancing the technology and usefulness of crypto-currency in many factors on our upcoming platform to be at the forefront in the cannabis sectors,” said J. Morgan CEO of EMStoken. “We are building EMStoken on the TRON blockchain to bring wellness & hemp & all its sustainable use cases within industries across the globe. The plant-based economy and circular economy are high on our priority agenda in connecting farmers to all things hemp,” said J. Singh of EMStoken.

Potcoin seems equally as elated as EMStoken. “We are happy to be collaborating with EMStoken. This year so much will be happening in the cannabis and crypto spaces. We are super excited about what’s coming next!” said Joshinthecity from Potcoin.

“As we grow into a global company, we are searching to align ourselves with those who have the same vision as us to help us make the world greener. Potcoin not only understands the potential of the cannabis plant but has been around in the industry for a while and wants to help us make it more accessible to everyone where it is legal. Eventually, we will all be able to enjoy the many benefits of the Cannabis Plant.” by K. Glor COO of EMStoken.

Working with Potcoin, EMStoken hopes to help the industry one step at a time.

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