Entrepreneur Garrett Shiner talks about the philosophy behind His Apparel Brand ‘Easel’

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Building a brand from scratch and scaling it to great heights takes a tremendous amount of experience, vision, and fortitude. Very few entrepreneurs succeed in the endeavor, and one would certainly not expect a young 18-year-old to launch multiple businesses and achieve success, but Garrett Shiner proved to be an exception.

A brilliant mind, Shiner realized at the age of 12 that he is meant to be an entrepreneur and even started an Entrepreneur Club at his school, Westlake Academy, while still in grade 8. Following his passion, he dabbled in various fields, from Bitcoin mining, stocks trading to becoming a social media influencer.

Recognizing his success in monetizing his social media accounts, he set out to launch his own digital marketing agency called Shiner Marketing and an online apparel brand called Easel. Speaking about Easel and reflecting on its success, Shiner shares, “Being artistically inclined, I wanted to extend my love for art and bring some of the masterpieces painted by legendary artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Dali closer to art aficionados. The thought gave birth to Easel, which puts a fresh spin on fine art, mixing old and new to create aesthetic prints. Soon, our collection comprising of t-shirts, accessories, and wall art adorned with the prints, came to gain recognition for its uniqueness and has become extremely popular, especially with the millennials.”

Easel’s fresh approach and perspective to take iconic art and reinvent it has been widely appreciated. The brand blends the art masterpieces with a creative design to give it a contemporary touch. The exclusive print is then emblazoned on an expansive array of high-quality products such as t-shirts, hoodies, phone covers, and wall canvas. Elaborating on the concept, Shiner further adds, “We wanted to cast a spotlight on centuries-old paintings and inspire the new generation to delve into the world of art and rediscover the classics. People loved the innovative idea and chic designs, and the products started selling like hotcakes.” 

Be it classical or whimsical, romantic or naturalistic; no matter the art style, Easel will get experimental with it and offer you the opportunity to express yourself through its charming designs. Check out the beautiful and trendy merchandise which is available for purchase on the website: https://byeasel.com/.