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Epoxy Resin: An Essential Material in Decoration



Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is widely used in interior decoration. According to experts, it is the best Resins. A product that is easy to work with. You can use all the colors that are necessary for your realization. If you’re a lover of interior design or have a creative mind, this product is ideal to bring your projects to life. Discover through this article the qualities and Tips for better use of epoxy resin.

Epoxy resin 1

What is epoxy resin?

The epoxy resin is obtained by mixing two Ingredients. The product is a thermo-resistant liquid polymer. Resin becomes liquid between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, you can then mold it or flow to get the shapes of your creations. It is important to make attention to temperature, as it hardens from 15oC.

Epoxy resin2

The epoxy resin is flexible, strong and durable. It is resistant to shocks and bad weather such as rain or sun. this polymer resists household cleaning products. You don’t have to worry about a drop of overflowing acid or solvents of any kind in The house. For your information, epoxy resin is sufficient to create a sound and thermal insulation in your home.

We offer epoxy resin kits transparent of high quality compared to the competition. All you need is to buy a kit from us and you will be delivered for free. Our products are easy to apply, you can use them without difficulty. In addition, you Enjoy a complete kit with detailed instructions.

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How to use epoxy resin?

The product is sold in two well vials Separate. One contains resin and the other the hardener. For one perfect result, it is essential to follow to the letter the instructions dosage for each ingredient. It is recommended to choose a scale cooking to make the right mix. Each manufacturer has the secret to the perfect dosage of its product. You have to weigh the resin and pour the amount desired in a container.

You can then add the right amount of Hardener. Mix the two ingredients for up to 3 minutes while picking up products lying around the edges. Your mixture should be homogeneous to avoid air bubbles or opaque areas. The resin hardens in a few Days. However, the temperature of the room where you put your creations plays a major role in the hardening time.

Epoxy resin4

A high temperature helps to speed up this hardening while a low temperature slows it down. You can use to the express heating for an achievement less than 1 cm thick. It it’s about putting a heat source close to your creation so that the resin hardens faster. However, it is advisable to respect a few days of hardening of the product in order to keep optimal all its Qualities.

Some useful tips for working the polymer well

It is important to get a finish impeccable with epoxy resin. If you want a flooring, it is recommended to call in an expert to apply the product. We have the tools and equipment to provide you with quality services. Our products are the only guaranteed epoxy resins anti-yellowing for 10 years. You benefit from a team of experts and a glossy, transparent and highly wear-resistant finish.

For decorative creations, you need to apply the resin to a dry stand and avoid high humidity your workshop. In the evening or with the rain, the humidity is the highest High. Air bubbles are not aesthetic for your work, it is important mix the ingredients well to reduce them.

On the other hand, if the little bubbles have already trained during the laying work, you can use degassers to Eliminate. You can also remove the air bubbles by passing a source heat in the container to cause them to burst. You can improve finish your creations by applying a coat of glossy varnish. You can also opt by sanding with abrasive paper or with a appropriate polishing.

What can be created with epoxy resin?

The epoxy resin can be worked in every colour imaginable. You have the opportunity to carry out the color details in all your creations. Dry dyes, pigments powder or sands and land are to be added to your mix polymer. You can then create whimsical and decorative jewelry with this material. We offer an inclusion resin more suitable for the creation jewelry of all kinds.

Product quality and multiple colours give amazing results such as resin that looks like de beautiful gemstones. Your furniture can be sublimated by this polymer transparent and shiny. Whether it’s covering your wooden table or to hide the imperfections of a dresser.

Epoxy resin6

You give them a second life in personalizing your creations. In any case, the flooring is a construction site that is quite difficult for a Sunday handyman. It is not to be so advised to hire a specialist company to carry out the study, quotes and work. We offer our customers a high epoxy resin Quality. We are the best in our field with a guaranteed product 10 years anti-yellowing.

Discover our transparent epoxy resin kit

We are a team of experts who aim to quality of our products and all our services. Our product is delivered free at home in a very short time. You don’t need to go out to buy your transparent epoxy. Whether it’s a need to redesign your furniture or for artistic work, we have a choice to satisfy all uses.

The transparent resin art makes it possible to quality works while marking the depth effect and brilliance of the Colors. It should be noted that our ART-PRO formula can be used to fix your walls or glasses. We guarantee a finish of all shine and without air bubbles. You can do a lot of work decoration with this product, you just have to follow the instructions detailed by the manufacturer.

Focus on epoxy resin

In recent years, epoxy resin has become very fashionable. According to experts, it is the best resin. This product is very durable and infinitely customizable. If you have a creative mind and are a lover of decoration, this high-performance product is sure to satisfy you. You can make your interior sumptuous.

Epoxy resin7

What’s that epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin by definition is a liquid polymer that strengthens when the temperature is 10 or 15 degrees. This heat-resistant resin has excellent mechanical properties and a good chemical resistance. It is essentially made up of bisphenol A which may be associated with bisphenol F for better resistance.

The epoxy resin is flexible, strong and durable. It is very appreciated for its fit to shocks, scratches and repetitive degradations. In addition, this polymer has a strong resistance to acid, solvents, basics and most chemicals. Not to mention that resin epoxy has perfect thermal and phonic insulation.

A few creative ideas

Epoxy resin gives you a limitless number alternative creations. But sometimes you’re down. ideas. Here’s something to help

Tables in Epoxy

Interior decoration is an important element that makes a good place to live. Your well-being goes through the choose your furniture whether it’s your office or your living room. Recently, many people are seduced by the furniture in epoxy resin.

You are fed up with vulgarity, you want to bring a personal touch to your interior? Opt for epoxy resin tables. These tables are durable, unpublished and fashionable. Epoxy resin beautifies your and gives it a modern and natural touch.

Make a table out of epoxy resin

To make a table out of epoxy resin,you must choose good quality wood. This is important if you want to have a quality piece of furniture. Choose a hard, sturdy wood with several Nodes. The more defects on the wood, the more beautiful your table will be. You can find wood at a carpenter or wood dealer.

Once the wood has been chosen, treat it with a lot of Precaution. Carefully apply a first layer of epoxy resin. Take prevent bubbles from forming. Then apply another layer of epoxy resin when the wood is completely dry. Choose the dimensions of your table as you see fit.

Epoxy resin8

Resin epoxy soil

You are thinking about renovating your home and the every room? Is your tile not as bright as it used to be? You are tired of carpets? In short, you are looking for innovation and uniqueness. Have you thought about donning your soil with epoxy resin?

Epoxy resin is full of assets. With this polymer, you have the power to choose from a variety of colors, the one that fits most with your needs. Plus, this product gives a modern touch and well-being to your home. Good news!

The coating with epoxy resin

does not require any substantial work. Indeed, this polymer is easily asked. In addition, soils are easy to maintain and retain their shine for a long time. Many people do not hesitate to use it and are satisfied with it. So don’t be surprised to see epoxy floors in schools, businesses and garages.

Epoxy resin9

Jewelry in Epoxy

As announced above, the epoxy is used for a variety of purposes. Did you know that epoxy resin is used to make jewelry? Oh, yes! You read that right. All you need is epoxy resin, dyes, accessories and creativity. It’s a rewarding and captivating activity. The resin jewelry is very beautiful. With these jewels, you would not fail to be the center of attention.


For your jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, We advise you to use inclusion resin. If you want to protect your jewelry and supports, the icing resin will be Appropriate. No matter what you choose, you have to choose an epoxy resin from Quality.

Epoxy resin10

Buy transparent epoxy resin kit

If you are looking for quality products, don’t hesitate to ask us. We offer high quality transparent epoxy resin kits. Buy your kit from us and you will be delivered for free.

Epoxy resin11

Transparent Epoxy

The epoxy available to you is made up of 5000 g of resin and 3000 g of hardener. This auto leveling product is very efficient and you can apply it in film.

Moreover, it is very transparent with a water effect. Its mechanical impermeability makes it the ideal product for firming applications. In addition, its low viscosity rate favours the absence of air bubbles after drying the resin. This will allow carbon fibre to soak up easily.

The product we make available to you is handles without Effort. You even have a way to make it thicker with materials inert as pyrogenic silica.

Art resin Transparent

This product is perfect for artistic and homemade work. He’s got eight kilograms of viscosity. It is perfectly resistant to UV rays and is tenacious in the face of moisture. In addition, it is devoid of solvents and odours. You can use it for a deep effect and to give shine to The color of your choice. It also generates a 3D effect on photos, images and impressions.

The “ART-PRO” formula

The “ART-PRO” formula is associated withalcohol-baseddyes, aerosol paints and powdered pigments. This formula is also used to fix glasses, stones or quartz. For all your flooring needs, our team of experts will be happy to satisfy you.


No matter the size or condition of your soil, we will meet your expectations. Indeed, we have the skills, Experience and equipment to provide challenging services competition. Contact us by email, WhatsApp or phone. Don’t pass not next to the opportunity to make your interior a heavenly place!

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