Feast Day of Saint Rupert: Who was Rupert of Salzburg? Why is Rupertikirtagon celebrated?

The Feast Day of Saint Rupert (German: Ruprecht, Latin: Robertus, Rupertus) is an official regional public holiday in the city of Salzburg, Austria, where it is known as Rupertikirtagon, September 24th every year. It is dedicated to St. Rupert of Salzburg, the patron saint of the state of Salzburg and its eponymous capital.

Who was Rupert of Salzburg?

Rupert of Salzburg was Bishop of Worms as well as the first Bishop of Salzburg and abbot of St. Peter’s in Salzburg. He was a contemporary of the Frankish lord Childebert III. As a bishop at Worms, Rupert was at first acknowledged as a wise and dedicated dignitary, be that as it may, the general pagan community inevitably came to dismiss him and constrained him out of the city. Before the finish of the 7th century, the Agilolfing Duke Theodo of Bavaria mentioned that he goes to his home at Regensburg (Ratisbon) to help spread the Christian confidence among the Bavarian tribes. Rupert is revered as a saint in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. Rupert is additionally patron saint of the Austrian state of Salzburg.

Saint Rupert was Bishop of Worms, as well as the first Bishop of Salzburg. On account of him, Salzburg became the focal point of an enormous autonomous archdiocese in the 8th century. Rupert established St Peter’s Abbey, established the foundations of Salzburg Cathedral, and presented various changes.

The Feast of Saint Rupert is one of the oldest traditional celebrations in Austria. Its first mention goes back to 1331. Even though Saint Rupert died on March 27, his feast in Austria is praised on September 24, honoring the translation of his relics to Salzburg Cathedral in 774.

This decision of date is most likely likewise clarified by the way that September is the finish of the harvest season and an extraordinary time for a farming reasonable. During the Middle Ages, Saint Rupert’s Day was the most significant trading day of the year in the Salzburg region. After some time, the fair developed to incorporate rides, exhibitions, and other entertainment.

The traditional Saint Rupert Fair is as yet held in Salzburg every year. Today individuals no longer need to purchase food for the long winter, so the present-day fair is focused basically on entertainment. The vast majority of the goods sold at the fair are traditional artworks made by local artisans. Part of the returns from the sale of souvenirs is given to charity. Notwithstanding create stalls, there are stalls with traditional food (fried chicken, roast beef and venison, dumplings, fried fish on skewers), folk singing and dancing, theatrical performances, and other entertainment.

The Salzburg Fair is likewise renowned for its historical carnival rides, some of which are right around two centuries old. The symbol of the fair is a swing ride that worked in 1848. It is raised on the square before the cathedral explicitly for the fair and afterward eliminated until the next Saint Rupert’s Day. Another symbol of the holiday is Hanswurst, a popular character from traditional German comedy depicted as a worker in a green hat. He is available at extremely significant events and presides the opening and closing of the fair.

As per Christian tradition, St. Rupert’s feast day is praised by the Eastern Orthodox Church on the anniversary of his repose, March 27 (March 28 as per the Lutheran Calendar of Saints). In Austria, it is September 24, honoring the translation of his relics to Salzburg Cathedral. Rupertitag is additionally a public holiday in the State of Salzburg, related to famous Volksfest events.

Rupert is the patron saint of the State of Salzburg, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Salzburg (along with his successor Vergilius), and of the adjacent Bavarian Rupertiwinkel region. He is otherwise called the “Apostle of the Bavarians” and patron of a few settlements like Sankt Ruprecht in Styria or Šentrupert in Slovenia and various church buildings.

Out of appreciation for their patron saint’s foundation of the city, the individuals of Salzburg have been observing Rupertitag for centuries.

Every year, Saint Rupert’s Day attracts a great many guests to the old town of Salzburg. Various artisans, actors, and market dealers resuscitate the old fair traditions, and music and old stories groups guarantee there is a happy and extravagant environment with a lot of activities to keep local people and vacationers engaged. The day closes with a spectacular fireworks show.


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