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Flame Retires from the League of Legends



Flame Retires from the League of Legends

Farewells are not easy, but they do happen. Celebrated Ho-jong and top laner champion commonly known as “Flame” is retiring from his eight-year career at the league of legends. Flame has been in the spotlight for most of the recent past. Having risen to the top in a brief span and at a younger age, Flame has acquired much fame and support in the legends game league. The earlier times of Flame were very bright, but it is sad to receive the news of his voluntary retirement without any concrete reasons behind the decision. The league of legends star announced his retirement on his Twitter handle, having prepared his fans for a big announcement he was to make on 12th Dec 2020 at 2 am PST times. He wrote in his Twitter account earlier, informing his fans of the important announcement. 

The Flame had his first time in the Azubu blaze career but later played for a variety of other teams, among them LPL’S, LGD, and LCK’S, which was known as Kingzone Dragonx after rebranding. Flame joined the Immortals of North America in the spring split of 2017, where they were disappointed, becoming seventh place in the game. Nonetheless, they rallied their efforts in the following split, reaching the summer playoffs finals. Here they lost to TSM, becoming in second place. The legends star league joined fly quest the next year but never found similar or better grounds both in the yellow and green banners. 

Ho-jong came back to Korea in 2019 to play for the DWG but was placed for a substitute position. This may not have excited the celebrated league of legends. He did not appear in any winning games in his team that went to the championship in 2020. In his place, his colleague famously known as “Nuguri” or Jang Ha-gwon played in his team to the championship in 2020. The Flame seems to have been silent in DWG, contemplating his retirement from the game and professional stage. Nonetheless, this could have been thought and decided earlier and could have awaited the appropriate time to announce. This saw him end his contract with DWG in November, explaining that they had both him, and the team agreed to have him end the agreement to play in the team. 

There has been subsequent stepping away by several celebrated players and veterans from the professional stage. Flame retirement can amidst other retirements of other key players. There seems to be a change in the attitude and direction in the professional stage. The pattern of veterans leaving the stage can tell a typical put off yet to be disclosed. Many veterans are citing personal reasons and appear to be leaving the professional stage in peace willingly but appearing to be moving away for reasons known to them. 

The veterans who already have their retirement confirmed include Bjergsen, who played for the TSM who made it official that he has retired from the team at the end of the last season. Doublelift was like waited for Bjergsen because he announced his retirement nearly a month after Bjergsen made his retirement official. The month of December was welcomed by the breaking news of the retirement of the world champion Crown. This caught the fans with shock, but as if it was enough, Gorilla of the Sandbox gaming support also followed suit. It is not yet clear what is pushing these celebrities and champions to call off as some of them are very young and well-performing in the game and professional stage. 

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