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Fortnite Season 2: Where to find Shadow safe houses and locations of Fortnite secret passages




It’s Week 2 in Fortnite Season 2 and during the current week’s challenge, you’re on the hunt for Shadow safe houses. Fortnite fans are tucking into the Week 2 Brutus’ Briefing challenges in Battle Royale.

Later in the season, you’ll have the option to pick a side: Ghost or Shadow. For this challenge, you’ll have to discover and hide in one of the Shadow safe houses around the map. These safe houses aren’t too hard to even think about finding, yet you’re probably going to discover a lot of adversaries close to these locations, so ensure you either land there first or snatch a weapon and prepare for a battle.

When you’ve found a portion of the hidden passages around the map, there’s an opportunity you’ll be moved to one of these safe houses, finishing two challenges in one go.

The Deadpool skin challenge is live for Battle Pass proprietors and you can follow all the updates here.

Fortnite Season 2 – Where to find Shadow safe houses

There are five safe houses spotted around the map, however, you’ll have to jump into a dumpster or covered up in a toilet to ship inside. There will likewise be Henchmen watching this zone, so ensure you have a weapon to hand and you can finish a few of the Henchmen challenges while you’re busy.

Recollect that you can deal harm to and investigation partners in crime, yet look out for adversaries.

When you’ve discovered a safe house, hide in it for a few seconds until the challenge registers. In the event that it doesn’t update to state finished, try crouching behind something for a few seconds. You can discover safe houses:

  • In a red brick building North of Holly Hedges.
  • Through a Portaloo at the gas station in Pleasant Park.
  • At the radio tower close to Craggy Cliffs. You can enter through the door or transport through the dumpster outside.
  • Under a gas station east of Frenzy Farm, through the Portaloo in the red brick outhouse.
  • The white building on the middle island of Lazy Lake.
fortnite safe house map

Fortnite SHADOW Safe House locations

We have denoted the locations of the five Fortnite SHADOW Safe Houses on the map below, so you know precisely where to set out toward them. Note that Alpha and Beta are hidden underground so you’ll have to utilize Fortnite secret passages to contact them, while Charlie, Delta, and Echo are all overground buildings. You’ll see them in the following grid arranges:

  • D3 – Fortnite SHADOW Safe House Alpha
  • G4 – Fortnite SHADOW Safe House Beta
  • F2 – Fortnite SHADOW Safe House Charlie
  • E7 – Fortnite SHADOW Safe House Delta
  • B4 – Fortnite SHADOW Safe House Echo
Fortnite Season 2 shadow safe houses

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