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Founder Sisters Drive Business Growth During The Pandemic



Founder Sisters Drive Business Growth During The Pandemic

Mamta and Vidhi Gupta are the founders of a New Delhi based international jewelry label, called Zariin Jewelry. Zariin is a handcrafted gold-dipped jewelry label, on a mission to be a part of the happiness and self-expression story of women worldwide. Founded in 2010, Zariin sells through over 21 countries. Keeping affordability and wearability at the fore, and with the tagline “Wear Jewelry Everyday”, the founders have succeeded to make a very distinctive positioning for Zariin as a go-to label for everyday jewelry. 

The Inspiration Behind The Label

The brand was created with the intense desire to put Indian craftsmanship on the globe as a hallmark of innovative design, quality and wearable sustainable fashion. 10 years back, Indian jewelry landscape was very skewed- with fine jewelry and fast fashion jewelry covering the whole spectrum. The aim was to craft a bridge jewelry label that will be synonymous with both high quality and fashion and today, Zariin represents that and much more.

Withstanding The Storms & How

The pandemic caused a major unpredicted shift for the brand, as the initial lockdown put a sudden grinding halt on shipping and sales campaigns. However, team Zariin took this time to go back to the drawing board and take a look at all their strategies and operations to up their game. The brand relaunched their website with a quality & technology upgrade and worked on improving their customer interface. They also leveraged this time off to engage with their following on social media and build a community to forge deeper relationships with their customers. By the time the lockdown was lifted, the brand was better equipped than ever, and all set to take over the world of jewellery by storm.

One of the major steps that the brand took during the pandemic also included an in-depth analysis of their strengths and weaknesses. Identifying customer pain points and indulging in more of what worked with their audience through videos, blogs, styling tips, real women stories and relatable content. Zariin successfully managed to give its customers a more personalised experience through premium jewellery using zodiacs, healing stones, chakras and charms as design elements.

Breaking Through The Boundaries

As a result when the lockdown lifted, and ecommerce became the go to channel for retail therapy, the brand was able to make a breakthrough. It took the challenge of launching more collections which would make excellent work from home accessories, and a medium to drive the pandemic blues away. It invested more in enhancing their customer service directed in improving customer experiences. The brand also  focused on creating content that felt good to the audience and also added value to them in terms of styling. With all these sustained efforts, the business saw a growth of over 2X in 2020. Not only did Zariin hit pre-covid numbers again, but also experienced significant growth during the pandemic.

Vision For The Future

Zariin envisions becoming the leader in the segment of luxury that is not only aspirational but also accessible. As the brand continues to expand its wide portfolio of jewelry with a meaning, it also looks forward to expanding in other product categories such as wellness, and plans to launch new products under that category soon. The brand also has plans to dive deeper across different demographics such as men, a new target audience where we explored the field through our cufflinks, and teenage DIY jewelry.

In terms of goals for the year, Zariin aims to scale its business by 10X in the current financial year. While e-commerce is the brand’s  primary channel, their international business is also on the rise, especially as the West looks to move on from pandemic after vaccinations. While Zariin sells through more than 150 stores worldwide currently, it looks to double this number in the years to come.

All in all, Zariin is on its way to become the one-stop jewelry destination for global women. What attracts women to the brand is the freshness of the designs, that makes Zariin jewelry both, occasion agnostic and wearable, while at the same time affordable.

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