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Free Android Mobile Apps for Startups



Startup Apps

All the startup businesses mostly face troubles in the early years. The initial duration determines if a business can stand tall for years or it fails. There are a series of responsibilities for the owners to take care of. There are many software’s that can be a big help, here are Free Android Mobile Apps for Startups.

There are numerous areas which need to be looked after. If a single area in a startup is neglected, then that can create huge problems letter. Experts have made hundreds of software that can help the owners manage the problems and activities around the business. Some of those can be a real help.

 We will be sharing a list of applications that are going to be most productive. If you are a startup owner and looking for solutions. Then we are sure that this article will help find all the solutions. The software listed below is going to offer different sorts of services and will cover all areas.

Now is the opportunity to increase the reach of your startups. This is the time where digital media is taking over. Taking the help of digital media can help the owners in making their businesses global. There is not much the owners are required to do as well. The basic usage of software will be enough for success.  

The applications are the medium of getting the business to global levels. Now there are some applications that are offering completely free services but there will be some which are going to offer complete services. The usage of premium applications will be dependent on users’ choices.


Managing the accounts of a startup is the most important aspect. If the accounts and invoices of a company are not properly managed, then there are very low chances of it surviving. That is why having proper assistance in the accounts is very important for everyone.

FreeBooks is an application meant specially for managing the accounts and invoices of business. The software will surely help the users in keeping track of all the expenses and all other financial activities performed over time. There will be proper audit reports at the end of the financial year.

This app will also help the viewers in keeping in touch with the clients. The owner will be able to interact with all clients from within the application. The usage is going to be free for 30 days as a trial. After that, users have to go for the premium membership plan offered by the creators.

Key Features

  • Free to Download.
  • Offers premium membership plans.
  • The solution to all accounts-related issues.
  • Supports low-end devices.
  • All data will be saved on cloud storage.
  • Many more…

Zoho CRM

This Customer Relationship Management tool takes a look into the company’s Sales and Marketing. Making proper strategies for increasing sales and Marketing the startup is very important. Some of the people completely neglect this part of the business.

Now having a tool like this is going to turn out very useful. This application is meant specially for increasing and enhancing the company’s sales rate. It will help review the entire progress of business over time. There will be multiple activities and ideas for increasing productivity.

The app aims at helping the owners in performing deals than ever. There will be different services offered to make the meetings more efficient. It will even help in locating the target customers. It can perform hundreds of activities without any restrictions.

Key Features

  • Get deep-dive in Marketing strategies.
  • Increase your Sales.
  • Visualize the growth rates.
  • Locate opportunities around the world.
  • It is operating in 180 countries.
  • Review notes to get a head start in meetings.   
  • A lot more…
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This application is going to help in managing Employee activities. The application helps the employers in keeping track of employee workings hours, breaks, giving them their insurance details, Income information, deductions from the pay, and much more.

The platform can easily look after all kinds of employee-related activities. The employer has to create the workspace for the employees on the app. After that, the employees have to create an account on the application and then join the space to get started.

This is going is a recommended platform for startups and small businesses worldwide. It only provides information that is allowed by the employer. So the employees will get only those details what you need them to know.

Key Features

  • Best options for Employee management.
  • Can be used globally.
  • Requires low-storage space.
  • Instant loading interface.
  • Works on low-end devices.
  • Many more…


Now, this is a very famous platform where freelancers offer their services for a certain price. There might be confusion on why this app is here. There are many things that require specific skills and mostly these skills are needed only once to twice over the entirety of the company.

Hiring a full-time employee for such a job won’t be a great idea. That is why we are sharing the application in this list. Here users will be able to find the perfect people required for the job. The user is only required to pay once for the complete job.

The platform will find all kinds of experts instantly. Now there will be no need of spending a full-time employee. The job price can be negotiated and the completion period of the job can also be given as per the requirements.

Key Features

  • Free to Download.
  • Negotiate the price for the job.
  • Get the job done when you want.
  • Works on low-Android phones.
  • Get a logo, Manage accounts, and much more…

Final Words

These are the applications that are going to be handy for the Startups. There is no dearth of apps for any purpose on the android ecosystem. Up your startup game and go auto by adding these apps and more from for free.

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