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From Facebook to Instagram – how expand your social media – with Nasce, Cresce, Ignora



Nasce Cresce Ignora

The Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® project began in 2016 with the creation of the homonymous Facebook page which today has over 550,000 followers.

As the weeks went by, we were immediately able to create a community devoted to our content thanks to the freshness and originality of the posts published.

So we asked ourselves if we would also have this following on another social network, Instagram; if we consider that after 5 years the official Instagram page of Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® boasts over 2,000,000 followers, I would say that the answer is more than positive.

We have managed to become a point of reference in Italy in the entertainment field for hundreds of thousands of boys and girls thanks to the constant work we have done but above all thanks to our fans themselves, who have always supported us in every initiative we have. undertaken.

What initiatives are you talking about? How has it evolved Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®?

Only and only thanks to the constant support of our fans, over the years, we have decided to expand and transform a single page into a network of social channels with over 4,000,000 total followers.

In 2018 we decided to create “Nasce, Cresce, Respawna®” (which has become the most followed Italian community in the gaming sector to date).

A few months later we give birth to “Nasce, Cresce, Streamma (a Community on CINEMA & TV SERIES).

Subsequently, “Nasce, Cresce, Calcia” (a community on football) was born and the latest project carried out was called “Nasce, Cresce, Informa” with the creation of our exclusive website “

It is a free space intended for all our fans who over the years have linked themselves to the Nasce, Cresce, Ignora® brand and all that derived from it.

Which professional figures are present in Nasce, Cresce, Ignora®?

Over the years and with the expansion of the Network, it has become of vital importance for me to surround myself with competent and trustworthy people. So I found myself the “captain” of a team, well organized and united. Very prestigious brands have set their sights on us and asked us for partnerships to advertise their products or their brand directly. Therefore, ongoing adjustments in the staff have become crucial. First of all, we added content creators and graphic designers, to keep the quality standard on our pages high and therefore to be able to launch large-scale promotional and advertising campaigns. The constant requests for partnerships are clear proof of how well we have conducted our work, although it was, of course, completely new ground for us.

With the addition of the more “serious” section and aimed at information due to the birth of our site, we then naturally created a real editorial office, with a large number of editors always ready to draft the necessary articles. Now we are no longer only the best on the market in the entertainment sector, but we hope to soon become one in that of information and communication with young people as well.

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