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Netflix launches a new ranking website for Top 10 titles



Netflix launches a new ranking website for Top 10 titles 1

Netflix on Tuesday launched a new ranking website that shows the organization’s Top 10 titles in various countries around the world. This follows a declaration in October made by the organization that affirmed an upcoming change in its viewing metrics.

During its earnings call in October, the organization said it would move away from its long-lasting two-minute viewing time metric to rather rank titles by the total number of hours seen. The new weekly Top 10 hub will update each Tuesday with lists of its top movies and series in the following categories: Films (English), Films (Non-English), TV (English), and TV (Non-English). Each list will show the number of hours each top-ranking TV show or film was watched.

As the name proposes, the website shows the 10 most-watched films and shows on Netflix around the world. The ranking is separated into Film (English), TV (English), Film (Non-English), and TV (Non-English).

Netflix has gotten a great deal of pushback on its Top 10 list since it first launched in mid-2020, with fans calling it “cherry-picked” alongside different bits of negative analysis. The idea of the list was to assist clients with tracking down their next favorite stream, regardless of whether it be a film or TV show, in light of what titles right now have the most views. Presently, the streaming service is presenting a brand new way of delivering us its Top 10 List, all while offering much more options that would be useful dependent on weekly metrics as taken from watchers.


Netflix launches a new ranking website for Top 10 titles

Starting today, Netflix has launched, a website that it will update each Tuesday dependent on hours titles were watched the past Monday through Sunday. The four main global lists are film and film (non-English) and TV & TV (non-English). Last week’s winners are “Red Notice,” featuring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot (148.72 million hours saw), true-crime Italian film “Yara” (17.95 million hours), the third season of “Narcos: Mexico” (50.29 million hours) the still madly buzzy dystopic K-drama “Squid Game” (42.79 million hours).

The website,, will show new Top 10 data each Tuesday dependent on the total number of hours the titles have been seen all around the world from the past Monday through Sunday. For example, if you watch 4 hours of Stranger Things, 3 hours of Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel, and start an episode of Riverdale, yet just get 15 minutes into it before you need to walk the dog, all of that data will be considered for the next week’s Top 10. Shows with various seasons will be broken down per season, so you might see both You Season 1 and You Season 3 on the list if they each have top streaming numbers.

The Top 10 Lists will be shown through four categories: Films (English), Films (Non-English), TV (English), and TV (Non-English) and you’ll get to see the 10 most-watched per category per week. Alongside the weekly round-up, watchers will likewise get the opportunity to see what titles have been seen the most of all time. Netflix will work out this by gathering information for the aggregate amount of hours the film or TV show was streamed over its initial 28 days on the platform.

The new weekly lists will be published each Tuesday dependent on hours seen from Monday to Sunday the earlier week. The lists incorporate the best 10 titles internationally and for more than 90 countries across the below categories:

  • Films (English)
  • TV (English)
  • Films (non-English)
  • TV (non-English)

These weekly lists are notwithstanding the daily country Top 10 rows we presented on Netflix last year, which will currently likewise be founded on hours saw, which means it’s never been more straightforward to see what others are watching.

We additionally realize fans love to track our most famous movies and shows ever. So we will likewise update our overall lists, which we initially published last month, as new titles become mega hits. These lists depend on the total hours seen in a title’s first 28 days on Netflix.

Each list will track the success of Netflix content during the earlier Monday through Sunday period before being published Tuesday. As indicated by the organization, the lists will count seasons of series separate titles, yet it will count repeated watches within a season toward that season’s overall watch hours, for example, if you watch a scene in a single episode more than once.

All content on Netflix’s app is qualified to show up on these lists, including the two of its original and licensed shows and movies. The organization will likewise reveal its most well-known shows and films ever for the previously mentioned four categories. As a caveat, nonetheless, the organization said its figures are “rounded to 10,000 to account for any fluctuations in Internet connectivity around the world.” Titles are ranked dependent on their first 28 days on the service.

The service will make it a step further by permitting you to see exactly how long the Top 10 shows or movies in these categories have held their place on the list and which countries they are generally famous in, giving you an inside check out the thing the world is checking out. For those that want to truly get down to the numbers and see what individuals are appreciating on a global scale, Netflix has the option to make a trip from country to country through a drop-down menu of more than 90 countries and see what they’re streaming. Assuming you want to get a French action film, you can do that! Feeling all the more a Spanish romantic comedy? They have you covered.

Albeit the site is simply launching today, this first go-around of Top 10 Lists and its associating information will trace back to June 28. We can hardly wait to perceive how the new service pushes ahead and how might affect metrics on our favorite TV shows and films.

The industry has been looking for a superior yardstick for the SVOD landscape, which has become amplified during the pandemic with four new prominent new streaming stages — HBO Max, Peacock, Discovery Plus, and Paramount Plus — joining Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus as significant competitors for audience share, all while Nielsen has recently come under fire from the industry watchdog group Media Ratings Council. Netflix is the first of the significant streaming platforms to attempt to stretch out beyond the rating story and reign in some control over how they present their dominating titles.

Weekly announcing will be rounded to the closest 10,000 to represent any variances in Internet connectivity, and EY, an independent accounting firm has been contracted to review this new viewing system. Netflix will be publishing EY’s analysis in 2022. The organization trusts that the weekly Top 10 lists will assist fans with finding new shows and movies and joining new discussions.

Each season of a series in the Top 10 TV lists will be estimated separately, and all titles (whatever the genre) are qualified for lists — including whether they are Netflix originals or licensed programs. Netflix will give data about the number of weeks a title has been in the Top 10 that dates back to June 2021, and will likewise update its overall lists to assist fans with monitoring the decoration’s most-watched movies and shows ever.

While the information will move which titles rank highest, as the organization showed in slides it shared during Code 2021 this year, Netflix said in a letter to shareholders last month that it believes “engagement, as measured by hours viewed, is a slightly better indicator of the overall success of our titles and member satisfaction.” The organization said the move is part of an initiative for more prominent straightforwardness around viewing information.

The new metric will likewise more intently align Netflix to other viewing metrics, the organization said last month, and will give “proper credit to rewatching.”


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