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Gian Pietro Beltrando and his business are facilitating investment for a great deal of customers!



Gian Pietro Beltrando and his business are facilitating investment for a great deal of customers

Last week we met Gian Pietro Beltrando, a 24-year-old from Cuneo with a lot of ambition and desire to do, who has been working with passion for 5 years following his customers in the best possible way.

Gian Pietro is the owner of the construction company, a company that carries out building operations and everything related to this world; from the refurbishment of simple bathrooms to the most complex renovations, from plumbing systems to small and large operations depending on the request, studying and developing a defined project that can best satisfy the demand.

“I personally follow each client, establishing a concrete relationship.”

“My business also offers…” continues Gian Pietro, “..its professionalism that caters both to the category of entrepreneurs and investors, supporting them not only in the complex management of public auctions but also in the constructions and renovations in nearby Liguria and the French Riviera”.

The structure of his company is as follows:
• Real estate agencies for the purchase and sale of units
• Highly qualified personnel for the proper management of the workers and implementation of the agreed projects, as well as for the organization of the various operations most efficiently and effectively possible.

For about a year now, Gian Pietro Beltrando has started a new project, an online business where financial movements are analyzed in the field of Forex and main stock indices are managed, through solid strategies and people who have been operating in this world for over twenty years.

This activity is proposed as an investment for its customers, thus diversifying the capital invested in a sector that is generating interesting profits.

The construction company is made up of professional Administrators and Managers who manage and guide each client in its entirety, giving the possibility to invest independently or automatically in our systems.

Who is this service for? Too small and large savers and investors, entrepreneurs who want to diversify their portfolio, or anyone who believes in new forms of investment. He can demonstrate certified returns, thanks to consolidated strategies and continuously growing innovations.

Gian Pietro Beltrando has really exposed a beneficial environment for his customers, gaining immense appreciation as a business tycoon!



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