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Global Dignity Day 2020: History, Significance and How to Celebrate Dignity Day Worldwide



Global Dignity Day 2020

Global Dignity Day is an annual celebration around the world on the third Wednesday of October to encourage everybody, wherever to understand what dignity is—the innate and equivalent worth of everyone—and how they can work for and secure the dignity of others through activities big and small. Global Dignity Day 2020 is going to celebrate on October 21.

Dignity is an inherent part of the human condition. It is an initiative celebration day that instructs and motivates the youngsters. Global Dignity Day is praised to make everybody living in this world understand that they have rights and deserve respect at each angle.

The activity instructs and inspires youth to assist them with bettering comprehend their self-worth. The day likewise takes advantage of the estimations of consideration, understanding, tolerance, and sympathy.

Dignity implies the state or quality of being deserving of honor and respect or human rights. A few examples of dignity are the dignity of labor and dignity of education, and so on.

Global Dignity is an autonomous non-profit, non-criticism, and non-partisan initiative. We wish to be motivation based: commending and empowering best practice and dignity-focused leadership.

Five Principles of Dignity Project:

  1. The right of each human being to live a dignified life
  2. Access to health care, education, income, and security to help and opportunity to arrive at one’s maximum potential
  3. The freedom to make decisions about one’s life and to be met with respect for this right.
  4. Dignity as the basic guiding principle for each activity
  5. Our dignity is interdependent with the dignity of others.

These factors highlight one mission. The mission of Global Dignity Day is “to unite everyone with the belief that we all deserve to live a life of dignity.”

Global Dignity Day is celebrated to cause individuals to understand their rights, which truly implies human rights — the right to do anything people want as they are born free and they can’t be constrained for anything. They have the freedom to exercise their rights and even battle for it.

Global Dignity Day History

In 2005, Professor Peekka Himanen from Finland, Founder of Operation Hope John Hope Bryant from the United States, and HRH Crown Prince Haakon from Norway met up to make Global Dignity Day. These three companions believed that human dignity was at the focal point of positive social change. They sought to make a special day for school-aged children to have candid discussions about the significance of dignity.

Dignity day is celebrated all through the world since 2006. Three companions — an American entrepreneur, a Finnish professor, and a Norwegian Prince — first idea about this day when they met as Young Global Leaders at the World Economic Forum in 2006. This prompted the first Global Dignity Day to be observed on October 20, 2008.

The first official observance occurred on October 20, 2008. During the event, school classes were welcome to discuss what dignity was intended for them and their associations with others. From that point forward, Global Dignity Day has been celebrated every year on the third Wednesday of October.

Global Dignity is an autonomous, non-political, non-profit, non-criticism association working towards dignity for all individuals. They make a global discussion about dignity and supports dignity based leadership to discuss the issue of dignity with the group of youngsters. On this Day, voluntary facilitators direct events by visiting schools and educate students concerning their lives and experiences with dignity. The voluntary facilitators can be of any nationality and any profession.

How to celebrate Global Dignity Day 2020

The celebrationDay is about the attitude of the speaker’s life and is less about the profession. The association intends to make each student comprehend the idea of dignity tangible. Characterizing the term dignity in their own words and sharing their biographies gives the students responsibility for thought. After the speech of the voluntary facilitators, they welcome the students to share their own stories before the class. Presently the students are approached to compose a letter to themselves that lists their desires and goals. The letters are then gathered and stored. It will be gotten back to the children during the next Global Dignity Day. It lets them measure how their lives have become and what are goals they have been met.

Events happen principally in classrooms, as the day is intended for school-aged youngsters. Programs incorporate lectures, special speakers, and open conversations spinning around dignity. Students are urged to define the word dignity for themselves.

Interactive Global Dignity Day events happen in classrooms, refugee camps, community groups, workplaces, and virtually, to empower all the more understanding, empathy, and love as antidotes to hate and prejudice. Individuals everywhere in the world are likewise urged to partake via social media by sharing their dignity story using the hashtag #mydignitystory.

Global Dignity Day will mark the launch of Dignity : RESET, a series of events and activities organized by Global Dignity to intensify the expanding call for a world where the dignity of each individual is perceived, esteemed, and honored. Dignity : RESET will proceed through 2021 and will incorporate a debut Dignity Award, an expansion of Global Dignity’s presence from 80 to 100 nations, and extra free learning resources for the hundreds of millions of children and youngsters without access to separate and virtual learning due to the global pandemic and school closures.

Global Dignity Day is an incredible day to ponder your own meaning of the word dignity. It’s likewise an incredible day to instruct others on what dignity implies. It’s day to figure out how to be more caring toward others. Is there somebody you realize who could use an additional dose of kindness? Take a moment to contact them. Keep in touch with yourself a letter posting your desires and objectives throughout everyday life. Conceal it in a protected spot and read it next year to perceive how far you’ve come. Share this day via social media with #GlobalDignityDay.

Notwithstanding Global Dignity Day events, Global Dignity offers year-round interactive Dignity Workshops for schools, intended to furnish youngsters with the aptitudes they have to become positive change producers in their communities; as well as for corporations interested in making more evenhanded and illuminated workplaces.

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