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Google honors Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek with a unique way



Google honors Jeopardys Alex Trebek with a unique way

Throughout recent years, Google has promoted everyday celebrations that honor key historical figures, dates in history, quirky holidays, and more. Normally, the recognition comes as the Google doodle on the main search page, with either an animated section or a small game to play, however, the organization decided to accomplish something a smidgen more natural while honoring the legendary Jeopardy! frontman Alex Trebek, who passed away a month ago after years of battling pancreatic cancer. Simply the best for such an icon.

At whatever point fans attempt to clearly search for Alex Trebek’s name, that Google supplies clients with the applicable links that are being searched out, however, the organization likewise added one of its signature “Did you mean…” suggestions, and in a way that talks straightforwardly to the heart of Jeopardy! fans all over. The following is a screenshot of what one would see, yet don’t hesitate to attempt it yourself, obviously.

Google honors Jeopardys Alex Trebek with a unique way 1

The truth is out. Before any links about Alex’s death pop up before his Wikipedia page is visible, and before Jeopardy’s! Twitter page gets any mentions, Google can give fans a winking reference to the immediately recognizable way that Jeopardy contestants are needed to correctly answer sign on the show. Obviously, that suggestion isn’t attempting to infer that individuals don’t really know who Alex Trebek is. Without a doubt, I look for individuals all the time where I don’t yet know who they are, yet that is not the situation at all with Alex Trebek, who’s been a TV icon for close to insofar as I’ve been alive.

While it’s clearly not a huge review video that features a plethora of memorable moments from Alex Trebek’s career, Google’s suggestion joke is the least difficult type of perfection in this sense. What’s more, it just assists with keeping up its interesting quality that numerous fans probably won’t understand that “who is Alex Trebek” is a cheeky Jeopardy! gesture and not simply Google being large, dumb technology.

Alex Trebek’s companions, family, and fans all required a lift this way since the host’s November death was such a hit to the Jeopardy! community, given how positive and forward-minded Trebek was for almost the whole time since he was first diagnosed.

Fans advanced beyond Thanksgiving when Jeopardy! uncovered that Alex Trebek had really pre-recorded a peaceful message wishing everybody a lovely and safe holiday. It’s possible he did likewise for the Christmas holiday since it’s believed that Christmas Day will be the point at which Trebek’s last Jeopardy! the episode will air.

With ratings having ascended after Alex Trebek’s demise, Jeopardy! airs daily in syndication, with Alex Trebek’s final episodes actually broadcasting for an additional few weeks. While waiting to perceive how the show will proceed onward in a post-Trebek world, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring 2021 TV schedule to perceive what else is in transit.


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