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Google News launches its desktop site with a new design with topic customization; Website reopens in Spain



Google News launches its desktop site with a new design with topic customization Site reopens in Spain

Google News is reviving its desktop site with a new design that permits you to follow global and Local news on one screen. The redesign puts Your Briefing, Local news, and Top Picks section on a solitary page in various columns so it’s more straightforward to find news on topics and regions you care about.

As of not long ago, on the off chance that you logged on to Google News, along with the weather widget on the side, alongside the climate widget as an afterthought. Different areas like World, For You, and Local news were open by scrolling down or by clicking on these topics from the sidebar.

The redesign moves all points from the sidebar to the highest point of the screen, to more readily oblige different columns like Local news and Top picks. The weather widget presently occupies a little room on the upper right of the screen. Google has attempted to recreate the sensation of reading a newspaper or a magazine — however through a desktop website.

“This change is just the latest way we’re bringing local news to users around the world. Last year, we expanded a feature on Google Search so readers around the world can now see a carousel of local news stories when Google finds local news coverage relevant to their query. This helps them easily find stories from local news publishers,” the company said in a statement.

Also, you can click on the customize button close to the Your points section to choose topics that you need to see on the home page, and even shuffle their request for appearance.

The redesigned Google News likewise features a reworked Fact Check section, which presently additionally shows you the first claim and verified assessment for additional background info. Recently, Google carried out a new “highly cited” label in search to highlight the original source for a story.

The company noticed that alongside these changes, Google News is getting back to Spain following eight years, thanks to new copyright law. The firm claims that Google News is now present in 125 countries and 40 languages, and it drives 24 billion clicks to publishers’ websites every month.

Google said it’s opening up applications for its News Equity Fund, a grant for free independent journalists or little news organizations to create unique stories. The firm will acknowledge applications till July 21 from practically all countries across the world, with the exception of China and Russia.

Recently, Google discreetly dropped its allure against a €500M antitrust news permitting punishment in France. This came after French authorities acknowledged the association’s conduct promises presented in December. In a blog post, Google noticed that it has made content deals with in excess of 150 publications in the country.

Google News reopens in Spain

Alphabet reopened Google News in Spain on Wednesday, eight years after it shut down the service due to a Spanish rule moving the company and other news aggregators to pay publishers for utilizing snippets of their news.

Madrid last year transposed European Union copyright rules, revamped in 2020, into legislation, allowing media outlets to haggle straightforwardly with the tech giant.

The move provoked an announcement from Google last year that it would re-open Google News in the next year.

“Today, on the global 20th anniversary of Google News, and after an almost eight-year hiatus, Google News is returning to Spain,” Fuencisla Clemares, vice president for Iberia, said in a blogpost.

She said the company additionally planned to launch Google News Showcase, its vehicle for paying news publishers, straightaway in Spain.

The change comes after Google in February announced the launch of another apparatus to make it more straightforward for clients to find news neighborhoods to them consequently.

Google has likewise marked the 20th anniversary of Google News by officially opening applications for its Global News Equity Fund, a multi-million dollar commitment to “help bring more diversity and equity to the news industry”.

Independent journalists and little and medium-sized news organizations producing unique news for minority and underrepresented audiences are qualified to apply by 21 July for funding to help and grow their news operations.

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