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Google shows Doodle for Google 2021 US winner Milo Golding



doodle for google 2021 us winner

Doodle for Google 2021 – US Winner shows up on the homepage on June 15, 2021. This year, Milo Golding from Lexington, Kentucky, for his piece titled “Finding Hope,” is the winner of the 13th annual Google Doodle competition for 2021.

Every year’s Doodle for Google contest has a particular theme, and the current year’s theme was “I am strong because…” K-12 students across the United States made and submitted artwork that expresses their interpretation of the theme.

From that point, 54 submissions were picked, one from each state and US territory, and Google opened up voting to pick the best Doodle. At long last, the highest-voted Doodles in each grade group were picked as the finalists for Google’s panel of judges to pick the winner.

Milo Golding was named as the winner of the 13th annual Doodle for Google competition after his artwork was picked as the winner of 54 state and region winners.

As reported on the Keyword Blog, the Doodle for Google 2021 winner is 11th grader Milo Golding from Lexington, Kentucky, for his piece named “Finding Hope.” Set to debut on the Google homepage on June 15, the artwork basically depicts a teenage boy offering a balloon to a younger child.

This scene is joined by few other hopeful, colorful moments that substitute strong difference to a black and white background that appears to reflect the confusing feelings a significant number of us experience in life. In an interview, Milo disclosed his personal connection to the Doodle’s core message.

After Milo Golding lost his dad at a youthful age, he found the remedial advantage of hope and wanted to share its worth.

That hope can be extraordinary and invigorate you when you feel most vulnerable is the message of Milo’s winning entry for the annual Doodle for Google competition. The current year’s theme is “I am strong because…,” and the 11th-grader from Lexington, Kentucky, focused on advice his dad provided for him before he died.

“I once asked my father how he overcame obstacles and became who he wanted to be. He replied, ‘Hope, hope keeps me strong,'” Milo wrote. “After I unexpectedly lost him at 13 due to a heart attack, it helped me overcome grief and support other children who lost loved ones.

“Regardless of life’s hardships and uncertainties, hope is always there. It’s our job to find that hope to move forward,” Milo told Google.

Milo Golding said that after the death of his dad, he felt his life purpose shift, leading him to make a charity called Sanguine Path that spotlights on aiding children in his community who have suffered a comparable misfortune or challenge.

“We serve children 18 and under who have lost loved ones or been affected by challenging experiences by providing them with Christmas and birthday gifts, care packages, and back-to-school kits,” he told Google, adding that children are referred to the program by relatives, school staff and grief counselors.

Milo Golding’s Doodle will be highlighted on Google’s homepage for a day, and he will get a $30,000 college scholarship, as well as a $50,000 technology award for his school.

His Doodle is likewise included in a gallery of artwork for all the state winners chosen from submissions made by K-12 students in the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

As a prize, Google is giving Milo a $30,000 college scholarship, a $50,000 donation to his school or nonprofit association of his decision, and a package of Google hardware and swag.

The Doodle includes a mixed-race kid kneeling in the act to hand a younger child a balloon while fixing the scarf around the latter’s neck.

Two young kids can be found behind the scenes, one looking above the wall the Google logo is set against, while the other is spreading his arms and facing the screen with his back.

The artwork will be highlighted on Google’s homepage on Tuesday for 24 hours.

Speaking to Google, Milo Golding said his artwork represented the strength of having hope, an exercise he gained from his late dad. He wanted his Doodle to inspire hope and encourage others to overcome obstacles in the face of life’s numerous difficulties.

“I am strong because I have hope. I once asked my father how he overcame obstacles and became who he wanted to be,” Milo Golding said.

“He replied, ‘Hope, hope keeps me strong.'”

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