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Harmony Day 2020: History and Significance




Harmony Day is celebrated every year on March 21st in Australia, which praises the nation’s cultural diversity. It is a day wherein Australians praise the fundamental beliefs of inclusiveness, respect for different cultures, tolerance, and diversity. It is a day that started in 1999 and matches with the UN’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Harmony Day started in 1999, corresponding with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The day was acquainted by the Howard Government with re-centralize a particular and binding together idea of Australian-ness within multicultural policy.

Every year, it is marked by individuals meeting up and taking part in local exercises. The proceeding with a message of Harmony Day is ‘Everybody Belongs’. It is about community participation, inclusiveness, praising diversity, respect and having a place. The national color for harmony day is Orange.

Communities themselves decide how they might want to meet up to mark the event – some have morning teas, others organize a fair and some celebrate by dressing in national costumes. Since 1999, a wide variety of groups including sports associations, community groups, local government, churches, schools, and businesses have arranged over 55,000 Harmony Day occasions.

What is Harmony Day?

Harmony day is on the 21st of March in Australia. We observe Harmony Day promote diversity and acceptance of different cultures. The thought ‘Everybody Belongs’ is the very essence of Harmony Day. In any case, it’s not only an opportunity to celebrate and reflect. Harmony Day plans to begin a discussion about legacy, culture, and community.

The event matches with the United Nations’ International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Since 1999, more than 70 000 Harmony Day occasions have occurred across Australia to pay appreciation to Australia’s one of a kind cultural diversity.

Harmony Day History

The history of Harmony Day can be followed right back to The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination that was made by the United Nations General Assembly in 1966. The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is held every year on March 21st because that is when police started shooting and killed 69 serene protesters at an anti-apartheid demonstration in Sharpeville, South Africa in 1960. In 1999, Australia sanctioned Harmony Day which is set up to correspond with this day.

Why do we celebrate Harmony Day?

Individuals experience racism in places they should have a sense of security and equivalent. We observe Harmony Day separate the barriers which lead to racist comments and discrimination. We have to respect people who have various cultures to our own and learn to embrace our differences. Individuals of various cultures have the right to have a sense of security in their own homes. Australians must demand this for the entirety of our companions, neighbors, and guests.

Education about different cultures improves our level of compassion and comprehension – expanded information on another culture altogether diminishes the probability of implementing risky stereotypes and discrimination.

Harmony Day Customs and Celebrations

Orange is the official color of this holiday and numerous individuals wear orange bracelets, T-shirts or different articles of clothing to show their help it. A few people at that point take selfies of themselves wearing orange and post them online using the hashtag #harmonyday. Individuals who tweet out what they are accomplishing for that day likewise utilize the equivalent hashtag.

Guardians often celebrate the day by indicating their children photos of themselves or their relatives when they initially came to Australia. They additionally reveal to them stories about the cultures and nations that make up their ancestry. Another way they celebrate the day is by evaluating the traditional dances, food or music of their culture or other cultures.

Harmony Day is additionally an extraordinary day for companions to get together. They can have a multicultural feast where everybody brings an alternate ethnic meal. It is additionally a decent day for individuals to visit museums to find out about different cultures. On this day, there is usually a wide range of various Harmony Day events. These can incorporate book fairs, celebrations, cultural awards, and concerts.

A Taste of Harmony is an enjoyable and simple approach to celebrate your workplace’s diversity. Samaritans workplaces are anticipating taking an interest this year and “taking a seat a the table”.

Why not rally your workmates together to host a potluck-style lunch at the office where everybody acquires a dish to praise their cultural heritage. What a heavenly method to find out about the various cultures and lifestyles of your associates. The most significant thing to recollect – cultural contrasts merit respect.

Celebrate Harmony Day and start an open discussion with people around you about the advantages of cultural differences.

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