Hasan Naqvi is a top Senior Investor Analyst who will ablaze you with his Entrepreneurial prowess!

You could call Hasan Naqvi the best Senior Investment Analyst of this epoch ! There is no room left for doubts about this , that he is worthy of your attention for all the investment insights and solid investment philosophies.

His 12+ years of exhaustive experience as a leading Senior Investment & Banker makes him completely well fortified and a highly in-demand personality in the investment arena .

Operating expertly and closely with leading fund managers for an $8 Billion AUM,is one among many of his professional highlights .

UAE- based Hasan Naqvi has a plethora of sought- after skills under his belt, like – Financial Planning, Company Valuations, Portfolio Management, Equity, Fundamental Research, Mutual Funds, Asset Management and a multifold of different investment strategies for a diverse client base , as well as the aptness of persuasion, sales leadership and a strong people management skills.

His mind is consistently infused with doable & sound business strategies, making him unquestionably the king of this investment realm.

Hasan Naqvi is apt with investment portfolios of well – known families and also knows how to make sense of the most challenging financial discrepancies with his number – crunching flair .

He has an investment style that focuses on the total portfolio, his proficiency in formulating and articulating a long term investment outlook, makes him a strategic and an intellectually Expert Investment Analyst.

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