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High Quality Content is a Powerful Tool, says Digital Marketing Expert Paul James Malczewski



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In recent times, analytical marketers have become obsessed with tracking metrics. The whole industry has gotten very good at it. However, when we talk about the more subjective components of a content marketing strategy, such as creating ‘good-quality content,’ the things to do, and to avoid become a little foggy. Yet, the truth remains that low-quality content can cost your business heavily. You’ve probably heard such recommendations coming from Google and SEO experts too, but what will prompt you to take the right route when you’ve produced a piece of content that isn’t great? Well, the response from your audience can be considered as the final verdict of your content. And experts like Milwaukee-native, Paul James, are striving hard and working alongside marketers of brands to help plan, strategize, produce, and upgrade quality content. 

The 32-year-old digital marketer strongly believes that content is an essential part of marketing in current times since it is one of the most effective ways to get through to the target audience. As someone who also runs a YouTube channel, and produces content regularly, he understands that generating content is not just about entertainment. In fact, it acts as a source to hold the attention of the audience, improve traffic on the website and social media, and bring good business in due course. Paul, who established and scaled his digital marketing agency into a 6-figure income venture in 2010, shares from his experience that the content put out on platforms is likely to make an impact only if it is original and creative, and not a beautified version of something that exists in the market. 

To this, he also adds, “I have witnessed first-hand the power of good content through my digital agency. Having helped and guided hundreds of thousands of business owners claim first page rankings on search engines, I cannot emphasize more on the fact that content does have a voice of its own. If you want to stand out in the crowd, do something that hasn’t been done before – only then will people be curious to know more about it. Besides, being a YouTuber, I have grown my channel from a mere 10,000 subscribers to over 200,000 simply by staying consistent, focusing on content, uploading what was requested, and improving thumbnails. This growth and change took about 6 to 7 years, but I now realize that it was totally worth it.”

Through his marketing agency, Paul shares that he has observed brands, businesses, and individuals producing an enormous amount of content every hour, but struggle to find success. The root cause of this concern, he believes, is not generating what’s needed to consume and instead, putting out what feels ‘right’ to the brand, which may or may not always hold true. As an expert in this field who regularly speaks about the tips & tricks, and the trends of the industry, Paul advises young and aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on delivering a solid performance because that is all that matters in the age of rankings statistics. When asked about the factors that contribute to the success of a content marketing strategy, and thereby, the business, Paul said, “Be original, don’t underestimate the traction of catchy titles, always add images or videos, provide accurate information, look after SEO, be crisp and precise, and ensure not to over-sell. Producing content is easy, but doing it right is what is important.”

At present, the digital marketer is focused on running his YouTube channel, marketing agency, and call tracking software company – DialHawk. When not working, he can be found rock climbing, boating, skateboarding, and mentoring people about turning the odds in their favor, just the way he did.

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