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CEO Of Maropost Discusses CX Strategy in a Recent Post on Retail Customer Experience



Maropost Ross Andrew Paquette

The CEO of Maropost discusses CX Strategy in a recent post written on Retail Customer Experience.

Ross Andrew Paquette, CEO of Maropost, has the fastest growing marketing automation platform in North America, or so is recognized by the Deloitte Technology Fast 500.

And, in an article by Retail Customer Experience, Paquette says that to get to where they were today, it was, and is, a huge priority for him to converse with retailers and gather information about the challenges involved with creating and improving the retail customer experience.

In fact, this should be the goal for every retailer, and Maropost can confirm that working with this aim actually works, as is proven by the fact that the company has experienced ‘continuous growth’ each year since 2011 — which was when it was first founded.

A retailer’s overall aim should be to always work on improving the experience that they provide to their customers. And Maropost has shown us how to do this by taking the initiative to develop a platform that simplifies customer engagement.

Maropost boasts increased conversion rates and near-guaranteed brand loyalty. And its CEO, Ross Andrew Paquette, now works with a variety of well-known brands such as Mercedes Benz, Haymarket Media,, and even the Hard Rock Café in an effort to help them: “…enhance and improve the customer experience” that they can provide.

CX Strategy and the Challenges for Retailers

Retail Customer Experience was pleased to have the CEO of Maropost discuss how retailers are using CX Strategy, as well as the challenges they are facing. With Mr. Paquette saying: “Most retailers use multiple platforms and tools that don’t talk to each other, preventing them from having a single view of their customer.”

This prevents them from seeing the full picture and obstructs them from getting all the information that they need in order to analyze their customer’s level of engagement — a process that is vital in actually finding out what it is that their customers want. This, effectively, creates a big gap in a retailer’s capabilities that prevents them from treating their customers appropriately.

CX Strategy and Retailer’s Approaches

In that same Retail Customer Experience article, Paquette had also been asked about the wrong approaches that retailers take when it comes to CX Strategy.

To answer the question, Paquette said: “I find retailers often (make) missteps about their partners.” And continued with an explanation on how an extensive system, one that involves complicated steps, is more likely than not to simply result in failure — way before they can even make an honest effort to actually reach their customers.

Paquette even mentioned how some of the platforms that retailers were working with were just not made to be easy to use. And that, because of it, many retailers are simply unable to create clear or comprehensive strategies or ‘approaches’ that will allow them to communicate properly.

The Bottom Line

The discussion with Paquette concludes with a question on how retailers can keep their customers engaged. To which the Maropost CEO recommends using social media to share engaging content regularly about their brand (from social media to your e-commerce site).

He then leaves us with the following advice: “Retailers need a single view of the customer that garners data into every touchpoint, and to make the customer experience very simple.”

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