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How a trust-worthy realtor like G Square Housing can make all the difference



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G Square Housing -the most trusted realtor provides, high-class plots in your budget with accurate documentation. They provide CDMA and RERA-approved plots which has made them the most trusted name in the real estate market.

The decision to invest in real estate has become risky due to con artists and swindlers. These fraudsters trap innocent people and take away all their hard-earned money. G Square Housing is an exception in this regard; with time, they have built the reputation of being the most reputed real-estate brand and are known for providing world-class plots and customer service. They have served the industry for over a decade and as a result, MS Dhoni has come forward to promote them.

It is important to know the basic details of the company before associating with them. This includes various things such as a background check of the developer regarding their past work, other references such as clientele and most importantly customer feedback. Before investing in any real estate project, it is essential to know all the terms and conditions.

G Square Housing has come such a long way because of their dedication and commitment to give their clients nothing less than “the best”. They provide RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) and CDMA (Chennai Municipal Development Authority) approved plots which provide a sense of security to buyers regarding the legalities of the plots. These higher authorities give approval to the owners only after all the protocols and quality checks are checked.

The reason why buying a RERA or CDMA-approved plot is important is because these authorities keep a thorough check on the builders. They examine their credit score and see their financial background. As per RERA, it is mandatory for the builders to deposit 70% of the proceeds as security for the project which can be withdrawn only once the project is finished and has been approved by an architect, accountant etc. This makes G Square Housing a safe bet for people who invested in their plot.

The RERA being such a renowned authority in the housing industry has also rolled out a master stroke by ordering the builders to define their carpet area of land before applying for RERA approval, which means the builders have to share the carpet area according to the scale used by RERA. This allows the consumer to cross-check carpet area being offered in the document with the actual area given by the developer. G Square Housing come out as the most transparent among these other developers.

G Square Housing also provides gated community plots to its customers, which makes people count on them for their security. The CDMA approval also plays an essential role in protecting the buyers from being scammed and allowing them to have the liberty to lead a stress-free life regarding their property purchase because the Chennai Municipal has the right to demolish the properties which CDMA does not approve.


The process of establishing a respectable reputation in the real estate sector is complex, and G Square Housing has done exceptionally well. G Square Housing has established itself as the most reputable real estate company in South India by staying transparent with their customers and giving their best efforts in letting the customers build a house of their dreams without having any worries.

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