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How Alex Sattley Built a Multi-Million Dollar Social Media Agency



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Alex Sattley knows what it takes to build an agency from the ground up, and turn it into a multi-million dollar brand. The founder of Network Networth inc. has built his company into one of the premier social media agencies in the world, with clients in every industry.

As any entrepreneur will tell you, it takes grit and consistency to build your business from nothing. But building something from nothing doesn’t mean doing it alone. As many successful entrepreneurs can attest, learning how to communicate effectively with your team is critical to growing your business beyond yourself. That’s why young CEO Alex Sattley loves working remotely as much as possible. He is a basketball player but after knowing about his passion for social media started his own Agency called The Network Networth inc. which is a social media agency. In the past, he used to work at LAX and was shown a couple of platforms by one of his friends. This is what led him to what he does today. 

What makes him different from others is his drive and passion to succeed. His will to grind day in and day out, even when it’s hard, has allowed him to be successful. As an entrepreneur, you have to be passionate about what you do and want to succeed at all costs. You also need consistency. This is one of his best traits as he is always consistent with his work ethic and never gives up on something that he truly believes in. He always makes sure about his client’s needs and wants before making any decisions for them. These are just some of the many qualities that make him stand out above everyone else.

For Alex, just as for many business owners and startup founders, it’s hard to know when to make that leap. His business and his goals are growing, his major goal is to achieve the milestone of $29 million in revenue. He knows he has to make a decision soon, he also wants to hold the property of  10 million $ in the next five years. But how will he get there? How can he balance working on both those things at once? The answer lies in consistency—it’s about setting realistic goals for yourself, then grinding out day after day until you reach them.

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