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Health expert and nutritionist Asif Munaf shares three essential tips for quick weight loss




In recent times, the trend of shedding those extra pounds and getting back into shape is fast catching on. Most of us want to stay fit and keep diseases at bay and hence resort to different ways for quick weight loss. However, the problem is that many of us don’t realize that going on crash or fad diets might help you lose a few pounds, but in the long run, you will be limiting your nutritional intake, making you feel weak and lethargic. Browse the internet, and you will come across so many fad diets and tips and tricks that claim to be healthy and help you lose a few pounds.

There is no denying that weight loss is one of the most discussed topics because of its relevance throughout time. Though many people follow tips that promise to aid in losing a few pounds here and there, sadly, they don’t help in achieving that dream body. We have been told repeatedly that a healthy diet and regular exercise or workout go a long way; however, we are more focused on quick results. But the fact is that losing weight is a game of patience. It is common for people trying to get in shape to feel frustrated because they can’t see the desired result. If you are one of those looking to lose weight, nutritionist and health expert Dr. Asif Munaf is here to save the day.

A physician, life coach, nutritionist and businessman, Dr. Asif is not only multi-talented but has high standards of work ethic. He has been the number one choice for many celebrities and individuals who have been on the mission of transforming their bodies. Starting his journey as an MBBS doctor, Dr. Asif noticed how much an average human consumes in their day-to-day diet and what kind of nutrients the regime lacked. While practising as a doctor and helping humanity by working 12-hour shifts, he understood how important it is for people like him to stay healthy in order to focus on work. After heavy research, he was able to create some homemade smoothies and meals that would keep him active and energized throughout the day. This further developed his interest in the nutrient well-being industry, and he delved deeper into studies that unveiled the world of body science. His passion for helping people consume a better diet and live a healthier lifestyle inspired him to launch AM Wellness, which offers vitamins, supplements, and at-home blood testing for various nutritional deficiencies. 

Health expert and nutritionist Dr. Asif Munaf shares some tips if you are looking to get back on track, lose those extra pounds quickly and achieve your dream body successfully.

Switch to healthier options

According to Dr. Asif, the first step is to evaluate your diet and make changes accordingly. Healthier options are the way to go, so ditch your chips for salad, but add some balsamic vinegar, seasoning, or good quality olive oil to enhance the flavours. Replacing fries for baked sweet potato wedges or choosing brown rice and wholegrains over white rice and pasta can really boost your stamina and help you lose weight efficiently. The expert shares that the objective is to minimize insulin spikes by reducing sugars and refined carbohydrates.

Intermittent fasting

It is an effective technique to burn fat and control your calories. Dr. Asif advises his patients to opt for intermittent fasting, which is a great way to lose weight and improve focus. Another form of fasting is ratio dieting, in which you keep yourself hydrated from time to time and consume small portions of calculated healthy meals throughout the day.

Be patient

The health expert states that going too hard on yourself can negatively impact your health. It is essential to understand that there is a difference between a lean and weak body. Weight loss is a marathon, not a sprint. The key is to change your lifestyle and go for healthier options rather than resorting to a crash diet that only wreaks havoc on your body. Start with the basics, like eating slowly, drinking more water, and adding reasonable amounts of fibre to your diet through vegetables and salad.

Weight loss is not rocket science. Even though the nutrient requirements of one individual vary from the other, one has to reduce the total intake of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat in their diet. So, it is imperative to seek the guidance of an expert nutritionist to stay healthy and lose weight at the same time. Dr. Asif Munaf states, “The distance between whom you want to be and who you are right now is only separated by what you do.” An expert in his field, Dr. Asif focuses on educating the community about the benefits of living healthy and how to achieve your weight goals. And that is what makes him stand out from the rest!

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