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The Importance of Health and Wellness



The Importance of Health and Wellness

Over the past few years, mental health has made its way out of the ‘taboo’ category to the mainstream media, generating intense dialogue over its importance. But the efforts still seem insufficient. You’d find that most people are in denial, with people dismissing it as mere mind games or tricks. This kind of behavior from non-believers tends to create a paradox for those suffering from it. Even with the affordability and leniency that today’s medical sciences offer, mental health is an area that’s hardly discussed. Research suggests that more than 67% of deaths caused in a year are due to mental health problems. Dana Axelrod’s new book, Real Truth, gives us a chance to explore ourselves and evaluate whether we are healthy and well or not. Let’s elaborate.

Health vs. Wellness – What’s the Difference

Before we understand health and wellness, we must identify their differences. In simple terms, we can say that health is a goal you can achieve through hard work and perseverance. After all, only you can take care of your diet to ensure that you’re in top-notch shape for a long time.

Wellness is different. It’s more about the health of your mind. You can perform better in different walks of life if you’re mentally stable. In his book Real Truth, Dana Axelrod shares that if a person is mentally consumed, they will end up with an addiction that can be hard to eliminate. So, our problems will worsen with time if we’re not well.

What does it Mean to Be Truly Well?

A person goes through a lot during their lifespan. From early childhood to adulthood, our dimension of wellness develops. If we look at it objectively, we have to take care of ourselves in different departments individually. Of course, it may seem like hard work, but it’s worth it. Here, we have identified various forms of wellness that need to be taken care of. Dana Axelrod also shares in her book, Real Truth, on how we can achieve true wellness by doing justice to ourselves.

Emotional Wellness

Perhaps, the most essential form of wellness is our emotional stability. If we are emotionally balanced, we can navigate ourselves better and share that positivity with others. Further, our emotional journey can also help us become better role models for the future.

Social Wellness

Social stability drives us forward and helps us foster essential relationships. We must understand that humans are social animals who can only function well with other people. By having social wellness, we can develop intimate relationships with people, further triggering our emotional wellness and leading to a well-rounded person with a balanced lifestyle.

Financial Wellness 

Money plays a vital role in all of our lives. From dealing with daily life essentials to buying things that please us, money helps. Unfortunately, most people’s wellness stature is compromised by financial troubles. Stress, anxiety, sadness, you name it; these destroyers of mental well-being exhibit the importance of acquiring financial wellness.

Final Thoughts

We discussed how important positive emotions are in achieving a disease-free or healthy life. But, to add that level of positivity to your mind, you need nurturing. In other words, you cannot deny or repress them but nourish them so that they can help you achieve a mind-body equilibrium. Dana Axelrod’s book shows us how we can nurture our minds and body through spirituality. But we must remember that the key to complete health and wellness is to embrace positivity in our lives. Order your copy of the book today.

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