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How Brad is Dominating His Industry



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A lot of people are good at one thing or another. Brad has learned multiple key elements of all facets of his business in Real Estate, Mortgage and Finance, Building Credit and Repair, Home Flipping, Home and Land Development, Construction and Floor Plans, Remodeling and Home Improvement, Property Management and Vacation Rentals. With all of this experience and the desire, he had to hold multiple licenses in all these fields, Brad has been able to gain more experience than most while creating multiple streams of income through diverse yet complementary businesses. He has a great reputation in his field, as he has been doing all these things for a very long time and has always cared about relationships and doing the right thing vs. what’s best for his pocketbook.

His biggest purpose and passion

Brad believes true success is creating a life by his own design, which is being able to do whatever he wants, with who he wants, whenever he wants. Brad loves using all his knowledge and experience, into action for himself and his family. He loves teaching his kids all aspects of his businesses and helping others do the same. Being able to help one client with multiple services is very satisfying, whether it’s Mortgages and Real Estate or Investing, Furnishing, and Renting a great vacation rental with good cash flow that improves the quality of life for families who get to use their incredible homes when not being rented. Brad loves sharing his knowledge and helping others be successful. He also loves helping others avoid some of the pitfalls and challenges he has encountered. Networking with other like-minded people and learning from them and creating long-lasting friendships are very important to him. Brad values his time and only spends it with positive people who have great energy and understand what it takes to truly be happy and live a life of abundance, while still maintaining balance at home. 

As far as goals, Brad wants to meet other incredible like-minded people and continue enjoying amazing experiences with his friends and family. He wants to continue growing his businesses and hire some of the most talented people around to help reach his ambitious vision and goals. He also wants to help his kids excel in everything they do and create a secure future for them to pursue any of their own dreams and ambitions.

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