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How can you now get health insurance at any hospital without using cash? Cashless Treatment



How can you now get health insurance at any hospital without using cash Cashless Treatment

The General Insurance Council announced a campaign to enable policyholders to receive cashless hospitalization, even in non-impaneled hospitals on Wednesday. Cashless hospitalization is now available to hospitals with 15 beds that are registered under the Clinical Establishment Act with the relevant state health authorities. If a policyholder is admitted to the hospital, their insurance companies will pay for their care, saving them money out of pocket. This is contingent on the claim meeting the council’s admissibility requirements.

Initiating on Thursday, January 25, health and general insurance companies nationwide have launched the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ campaign. This initiative, led by the General Insurance Council (GIC), intends to give policyholders the flexibility to receive treatment at any hospital, guaranteeing a seamless and cashless experience.

The ‘Cashless Everywhere’ campaign aims to guarantee that policyholders can receive treatment in any hospital of their choice that accepts cashless transactions, provided that certain requirements are met.

This eliminates the restrictions imposed by contracts or alliances between healthcare providers and insurance companies.

According to experts, this move will improve accessibility and flexibility for people seeking medical care.

One of the requirements is that the patient’s policy be admissible and that the insurance company be notified 48 hours before the patient is admitted to the non-impaneled hospital. Additionally, you can notify your insurance provider within 48 hours of being admitted to the hospital.

According to Tapan Singhal, the chairman of the council, if a policyholder selects a hospital without such a pre-agreement, the cashless facility will not be available, and the client will need to file a reimbursement claim, which will cause additional delays in the claim procedure. He stated that this will no longer be an issue and that the goal is to lessen the burden on policyholders who receive treatment in hospitals outside of the insurer’s network.

According to him, there are currently only about 40,000 hospitals with accredited status that offer cashless services.

Singhal, who is also the chief executive of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, stated that the council has consistently worked to make policyholders’ lives easier and implement beneficial changes.

Extension to non-network hospitals

The expansion of cashless facilities to hospitals that might not be in the insurance company’s network is one of the features of this initiative.

In the past, selecting a hospital without a prior agreement forced policyholders to deal with reimbursement claims, which caused delays and financial strain.

This obstacle is removed with the ‘Cashless Everywhere’ initiative, allowing insurance companies to agree to pay for medical expenses as long as the claim is accepted.

Concerning the financial strain on clients choosing reimbursement, Tapan Singhel, MD, CEO of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Chairman of the General Insurance Council, voiced his worries.

According to Singhel, 63% of consumers prefer cashless claims, and the industry hopes to settle 100% of claims cashless to improve policyholder satisfaction. This goal is supported by regulations.

This action represents a positive shift in the country’s health insurance policy landscape and is a major step toward making health insurance more accessible, effective, and customer-friendly.

Claims process streamlining

Policyholders must notify the insurance company at least 48 hours before admission to use the cashless facility.

When receiving emergency care, this notification needs to be sent out no later than 48 hours after admission.

The policy terms shall govern the admissibility of the claim, and the cashless facility shall comply with the insurance company’s operating guidelines.

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