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What Is a Pocket Spring Mattress and Why Should You Buy One?



What Is a Pocket Spring Mattress and Why Should You Buy One

When you plan on changing your mattress, it becomes very important to look for the features and technologies used for manufacturing specific mattresses. Every premium mattress type has the tendency to offer immense benefits to help you enhance your sleeping experience.

Pocket springs are one of those luxury mattress types!

As the name suggests, a pocket spring mattress is made up of individual springs that work independently to provide comfort and support to your body. Now, you must know that every spring within such mattresses has its respective fabric pockets, ensuring that an individual spring functions only when your body exerts pressure on it.

Due to this, you can expect to attain immense personalised support, providing a responsive feel for each of you sleeping on this mattress. To help you understand the science better, you must know that the pocket springs don’t move as part of a single unit, for which the motion transfer quotient is reduced, and your pressure areas get optimal support.

To help you understand pocket spring mattresses better and decide whether to buy them, this article will elaborate on their perks.

 Understanding Pocket Spring Mattresses

Let’s decode the science behind a pocket spring-type mattress and why it is considered ideal for your peaceful sleep at night. You will find such a type of mattress being called by various names across diverse brands, such as pocket coil, wrapped coil or others. But pocket spring is the universally recognisable name for it!

Such a mattress comprises several pocket springs within it, and there is no specific count on how many you need for a comfortable sleep. The count of the pocket springs installed in a mattress isn’t an indicator for you to determine the quality of the mattress. You must keep in mind that a higher count of pocket springs doesn’t imply firmness assurance.

The purpose of the individual springs is to form a uniform layer within the mattress and move independently every time pressure is applied to them. These springs are tied together using the centre-tying method, which will link all the individual sleeves with one another, but not the springs.

Due to this configuration, every spring will now be able to provide you with independent support during sleep. Every particular spring will support the body contours associated with every movement you make. Therefore, such a product is referred to as the best mattress for back pain because the interconnected sleeves of pocket springs ensure you attain better pressure point relief compared to other mattresses.

 What are the Benefits of Buying a Pocket Spring Mattress?

If you have a dilemma of whether to buy a pocket spring mattress for your limitless comfort during sleep at night, here are some of the benefits that will convince you to make the purchase without second thoughts:

1) No Motion Transfer

The first and evident benefit of buying a pocket spring mattress is that there will be no motion transfer at all. As your body weight will be spread across the mattress surface, your movements at night won’t bother your partner. This is one property that makes pocket spring type be accounted as one of the top mattresses.

The individual springs on this mattress are meant to react only when the pressure is applied on them. Thus, the motion responses will not engage all the springs simultaneously! If you and your sleeping partner have a huge difference in body weight, you can still expect to sleep comfortably together, as there will be no roll-off or roll-together effect.

2) Exceptional Pain & Pressure Alleviation

When you sleep on a mattress that’s too soft or too firm, you might not attain a good night’s sleep. Therefore, switching to the best pocket spring mattresses in India will ensure your body feels the desirable comfort and gets adequate body support to not just let you sleep well but also alleviate your pain conditions.

This is possible because each spring will be reacting independently to the strained muscles of your body, ensuring the pressure gets dissipated around those areas, especially the shoulders, hips, neck or back. Thus, it is one of the biggest perks of a pocket spring mattress that makes it ideal for orthopaedic patients.

3) Avail Consistent Firmness

You can be assured of one fact: a pocket spring mattress comes with a consistent level of firmness, which is something unique to this particular category of products; due to the individuality that the pocket springs within your mattress offer, the tension distribution becomes even all across the surface. Thus, it creates a level of comfort that any other mattress type cannot replicate.

Brands like Sleepwell bring to you its Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, which offers you medium-firmness with a good contouring effect. In this mattress by Sleepwell, you get 3-zone pocket springs for ensuring proper spinal posture and alignment. The consistent firmness of this mattress attends to all your specific body curves and pressure points.

Remember, the count of pocket springs within the mattress doesn’t decide the firmness levels, but the overall construction does. So, you can choose to go with pocket spring mattresses with varying firmness levels. But remember that irrespective of what you choose, the firmness level will be consistent all across the surface.

4) Ideal Support for All Sizes & Shapes

The pocket spring mattresses are meant to offer proper support to your body, irrespective of what size or shape you are. The individual springs and their responses do help make these mattresses capable enough to be durable and comfortable enough to give you a good night’s sleep. If you and your partner have a huge size difference, you don’t have to worry about being in a dilemma while purchasing the right mattress.

Stick to the pocket spring option as it offers optimal comfort to both lightweight as well as heavy weight sleepers. Your body will be contoured, and your pressure points will be alleviated to provide you with a restful night’s sleep.

5) Breathability is Beyond Excellent

The airflow properties of the pocket spring mattresses are better than other mattress types, which will allow you to sleep cool at night without worrying about inappropriate temperature regulation. As the individual springs are covered with fabric pockets, the breathability factor is further enhanced.

As stated earlier, Sleepwell’s Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is the perfect epitome of pocket spring mattresses. When it comes to breathability, this mattress uses air vent impression material as the top layer, which supports humidity and heat dissipation alongside better breathability.

With better breathability, your sleeping environment will be optimised or regulated by the dissipation of moisture and heat. For you to know, better breathability of the mattress, backed by improved airflow, will reduce the chances of re-breathing and eliminate all the excessive moisture from the vomit or spills. With this, you can expect that the chances of bacteria growth will be reduced, ensuring you sleep healthy!

6) No Spring Noise

Most people have a misunderstanding that spring mattresses are meant to make noises in the long run. But that’s not the case with pocket spring options! The top brands care to implement some outstanding noise-free properties to their mattress construction processes to give you a peaceful and serene sleep for the long term.

As all the springs are individually encased, the weight over the surface is distributed evenly, which is also a factor that reduces the noise element. So, even if you are sleeping with a heavy partner, there is less or no chance of squeaking or creaking sounds. Due to this, you will be able to attain a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep all night.

What are Some of the Reasons You Should Buy a Pocket Spring Mattress?

The benefits stated above might be enough to convince most of you with the facts about how comfortable it will be to sleep on a pocket spring mattress. But, if you are still in search of some validations, here are some reasons to express why you should definitely consider buying a pocket spring mattress:

1) Unmatched Comfort:

Superior comfort is one of the major traits of pocket spring mattresses, with its targeted support feature at specific areas of the body. You will get a conforming effect when you sleep on this mattress.

2) Resistant to Allergies:

A pocket spring mattress is often more breathable than other options in the market, which helps reduce the formation of mites and the accumulation of dust on the surface. Due to this, your mattress surface will stay healthier, giving you a restful sleep.

3) Better Aesthetic Appeal:

Pocket spring mattresses are also popular for their aesthetic appeal. Upon buying this, you will be adding style and visual enhancement to your room. Due to the individual encasing of the springs, you will see a stylish pattern on the top layer of the mattress.



These are some of the brilliant qualities that a pocket spring mattress has to offer for your comfort, body support and overall well-being. There are different types of mattresses for people to count on, but the unique features that pocket spring mattress has to offer are unmatched!

Considering your comfort requirements and budget, you can buy pocket spring mattresses from the top brands like Sleepwell and Kurl On, which are market-leaders and offer a range of quality mattresses catering to specific needs of the customers.

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