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How Dr. Patrick Pilati became a strategic advisor to leading companies



How Dr. Patrick Pilati became a strategic advisor to leading companies

In the fast paced and highly demanding world of premier financial management the stakes are high and expectations are even higher and while it´s an indisputable fact that not everyone can perform at peak levels when reaching the summit, a few accomplished power players within the global landscape have achieved what many saw as impossible: a consistent and indisputable track record that manifests, beyond a reasonable doubt, the effectiveness and mental acuity that undoubtedly translates into a stable and growth oriented, client-centric approach to money management.

For global thought leaders within the space, like Dr. Patrick Pilati, a highly respected financial strategist and the CEO of Castro17 Holding BV, a Holland based, cutting edge luxury focused holding that is positioned to effect a widespread impact upon its upcoming listing in the Luxembourg stock exchange, increased disruption represents a unique opportunity to consolidate strategic effectiveness.

Dr. Pilati has managed waste to energy technology transfer for 150 million euros, private investment portfolios in excess of 500 million pounds, and developed unique relationships between private wealth management banks and leading hedge funds valued at over 10 billion USD with sovereign funds in the GCC.

Throughout his stellar career Patrick has pioneered a holistic approach to wealth management, deal structuring and comprehensive strategic development, providing his select client list with privileged access to a superior operational framework, with the uncontestable track record to support its innovative methodology.

While Dr. Pilati´s biggest passion has always been strategizing on behalf of his clients and key commercial partners, his natural fluidity for public speaking coupled with the business leader´s magnetic personality have landed Patrick on the list of the most sought after expert speakers within his field.

As Ambassador of the Oman Delegation at Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 11th Global Family Office Investment Summit Under the High Patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, Patrick Pilati has been able to exert a positive influence upon sensitive macroeconomic events.

The 11th Global Family Investment Summit represents +600 Elite Family Offices, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, representing US$4 trillion of wealth.

As markets struggle to adapt amidst unprecedented volatility, sharp and pragmatic minds like Dr. Pilati´s have become an increasingly valuable and remarkably scarce strategic commodity.

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