How to celebrate Gold Cup Parade 2020 in Canada

The Gold Cup Parade is celebrated on the third Friday of August and attracts a great many individuals. It is a feature event for Old Home Week, which praises the delights of the summer season in Prince Edward Island (PEI), Canada. Gold Cup and Saucer Parade 2020 falls on August 21. Famous for being the largest annual parade in Atlantic Canada and the east of Montreal.

Every year the parade attracts more than 100 floats from businesses, communities, and associations from over the Maritimes; various marching bands from the Maritimes, Quebec, and, sometimes, from the United States, as well as various horse, car and clown entries. For the last number of years, the parade has additionally highlighted the much-loved immense helium-filled balloons brought from Windsor, Ontario.

Why is the Gold Cup Parade celebrated?

The Gold Cup and Saucer Race in 1960 and The Gold Cup Parade in 1962 were established by Frank Acorn and Bill Hancox with the purpose of:

resuscitating Old Home Week which, preceding 1960, was starting to lose audience appeal

to concentrate consideration on P.E.I’s. harness racing industry, while giving an exciting kind of entertainment for the two Islanders and summer guests

The Parade has been held every year since that time and has gotten one of the feature events of the summer season on the Island.

In the good ‘ol days, the association was a loosely knit group of the businessman who helped the Charlottetown Driving Park in assembling the parade.

In any case, as the parade developed, it became a thoroughly separate association with the sole motivation behind introducing the Gold Cup Parade as one of the premier events of Old Home Week. In 1986, the group consolidated as a not for profit organization under the name The Charlottetown Parade Committee Inc. furthermore, possesses the name The Gold Cup Parade.

The association comprises of a board of 15 volunteers as well as an executive board that meets all year to plan the parade. The parade’s 50th anniversary was marked for August 20, 2010.

The association is right now run by a volunteer board of directors from local businesses. The 2019 Chairman is Ray Murphy of Murphy’s Pharmacies.

How to celebrate Gold Cup Parade 2020?

Coordinators of the 2020 Gold Cup Parade declared that the annual event won’t happen in its standard street format this year because of the public health concerns and measures in light of COVID-19.

While the cancellation of Old Home Week 2020 influences the annual midway, horse shows, and agriculture exhibitions, this doesn’t affect the harness racing events scheduled from August 13 to August 22, 2020, including the Guardian Gold Cup and Saucer at Red Shores Racetrack & Casino at the Charlottetown Driving Park.

Harness racing fans on P.E.I. are being cautioned not to make plans to go to the annual Gold Cup and Saucer race this year face to face, except if they have a reservation.

It is supported that Islanders who can’t see the race face to face to set up backyard watch parties, or head to taking part restaurants and bars to take in the fervor.

The Gold Cup and Saucer Race will appear at the Charlottetown Event Grounds as a major aspect of the Island Drive-In Festival shows that night.

The 2020 Gold Cup Parade Volunteer Organizing Committee is satisfied to band together with Eastlink Community TV to broadcast a one-hour Parade Special instead of the traditional street parade. The special broadcast, called The Gold Cup Parade “A Look Back”, will air on what might have been the current year’s Parade Day – Friday, August 21 at 11:00 a.m. on Eastlink Community TV – and include features of past parades over the past several years.

The Committee partnered with Eastlink Community TV to give motivation to loved ones to in any case assemble in their small groups on Parade Day and re-live some of our best Gold Cup Parade Moments.

Every year lots of volunteers engage with the designing and working of floats, which are a key fascination and are particularly well known with a huge number of children who appreciate waving at them as they pass. The Gold Cup Parade has become a key date on the Charlottetown people calendar, and with such a great amount of enjoyable to be had it’s a gigantic hit with the travelers as well.


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