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How to have a good voice from the words of Mohammad Amighi



How to have a good voice from the words of Mohammad Amighi 1

There are several actions and steps that can help you in how to have a beautiful voice. The best way to beautify and strengthen your voice for singing is to practice. Breathe properly through your diaphragm and keep your body in a comfortable position while singing. Also, remember that as soon as your voice hurts, it’s time to rest. Otherwise, you will permanently damage your vocal cords

Shorten your vocal chords before you start singing to have a good voice. Short vocal chords mean you can’t sing loud enough.

To sing the climax in a song, try not to shout and sing loud and soft. So control your voice. One of the secrets to good sound is control.

Mohammad Amighi 1

Professional singers take their breaths between notes and in places where there is a distance. If your singing notes do not have marks and spaces, use the Internet to find the note spaces. You have to learn to breathe without gasping and without gasping or gasping between notes.

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