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How To Wear Jewellery On Your Wedding Day



How To Wear Jewellery On Your Wedding Day

It can be hard to pick out jewellery for the wedding day. Click here to find out how you can choose the best kind of jewellery to match your whole look.

Picking out what jewellery to wear for any occasion is difficult, let alone the most important day of your whole life.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to wedding jewellery. You need something that will be beautiful, but doesn’t take away from the dress – which is the main event – and the wedding ring itself.

Bridal jewellery needs to essentially be the finishing touch to your wedding aesthetic. It should pull everything together and make you feel complete, rather than overshadowed. With this in mind, here is how you should choose your wedding jewellery in preparation for the big day:

Think About The Why

The why is very important during the wedding. It can be easy to go for jewellery that simply looks nice, but this is all about telling a story about you – something that will compliment the story of the wedding ring.

If you are religious, then wear specific religious jewellery that you know will look great with your dress – has some brilliant options for those of the Jewish faith, for instance.

If you are spiritual, wear jewellery that matches that side of your personality. Always think about the why and what the jewellery will really add to your wedding dress beyond just looks.

Make Sure You Consider Your Neckline And Hairstyle

The other thing you need to do is ensure you have the dress all sorted first. This is because the neckline will dictate what kind of jewellery you should wear. For instance, you will want shorter choker-esque necklaces for strapless necklines, and a longer drop necklace for the dresses with V-necklines.

On the other hand, your neckline might not be appropriate for any necklace – for instance, sweetheart necklines will be better paired with earrings and bracelets.

As well as this, you should also consider your hairstyle. Are you wearing your hair up? If so, then your earrings will not be hidden, so think about going for a more bold statement. Down-do’s are a little more tricky to pair, however, with most opting for delicate and subtle diamond stud earrings.

Is Your Dress White?

You might be thinking, well, of course my dress is going to be white. But hold on for a moment. Not every dress is exactly the same shade of white. You need to consider exactly what shade your chosen dress is. A bright white dress, a champagne white dress, or a candlelight white dress are all going to be demanding different accompaniments.

If you have a “true white” dress, think about stark gold or platinum jewellery, whereas if your dress is a little warmer, think about yellow-gold or rose-gold jewellery to really compliment it.

This doesn’t just relate to fabric, either. You need to consider matching metals. Your wedding ring is going to be the centrepiece, here, so make sure your other metals at least closely resemble the ring on your finger. Mixed metals aren’t the end of the world, of course, but they add more of a fun, casual touch, which isn’t always desired on the wedding day. Make sure you think about every aspect and make the decision that compliments the essentials!

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