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India Lok Sabha Election Results 2019 LIVE Updates: BJP starts festivities as early trends puts BJP-led NDA in memorable lead




Ahead in 342 seats, Narendra Modi-led NDA set for greatest recurrent order since Indira Gandhi in 1971

The results are a reverberating support of Narendra Modi’s fame, his government’s accomplishments over the most recent five years and his campaign, which based on national security and nationalism. He likewise persistently assaulted the Congress for what he called its dynastic inheritance, and reprimanded it for the nation’s hardships. The Opposition had reprimanded the BJP campaign as disruptive and polarizing.

“The people on the ground are not buying the narrative of the opposition that people are under threat. People are doing well that they are looking forward to the next government of Narendra Modi. We have to realise that Modi’s government inherited very weak economy and he did a phenomenal job (in the last five year),” BJP representative Amit Malviya was cited as saying.

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