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Lok Sabha Election Result 2019: Date, time and where to get counting live updates of India’s General Election



Lok Sabha Election Result 2019

The Election Commission of India (EC) will start counting votes in favor of the 17th Lok Sabha Election on May 23. With VVPAT counting to be presented in this Lok Sabha election, the results on 23 May are probably going to be postponed this time by four to six hours because of the introduction of extra Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) counting, Delhi Chief Electoral Officer Ranbir Singh has said.

The Lok Sabha elections were held in seven phases over the 542 parliamentary voting demographics from April 11 to May 19. Roughly 60 crore voters have cast ballots crosswise over 10 lakh booths in 29 states and seven union territories.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its National Democratic Alliance (NDA) partners are hoping to hold power at the Center. This is in the midst of endeavors by a few Opposition parties, including Rahul Gandhi-led Congress, to set up a united battle. ‘Others’ or the ‘third front’ is additionally endeavoring to wrest power.

The general election saw a uber battle from key political players, for example, PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi, BJP chief Amit Shah, Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati of the Mahagathbandhan and a few other senior BJP and Opposition leaders.

When does the counting of votes start on May 23?

Counting occurs within the sight of the Returning Officer (RO) of the voting demographic and applicants and their agents. It is relied upon to start at 8.00 am.

The RO pronounces the result when the person is sure that counting has been successfully finished.

Likewise, the EC designates its onlookers to supervise the procedure and guarantee that it occurs in a straightforward way.

Every applicant can select up to 16 counting agents from his/her party for each spot of counting. The counting agent deals with the interests of the party.

Where can people watch live counting of votes on May 23?

Readers can follow Election Commission Of India’s official result live website

When does counting end?

It depends. For some assembly elections, the counting has gone on till late in the night; yet it commonly finishes before evening, while the provisional results are, all things considered, known by the afternoon.

This time, be that as it may, results may be deferred by around five hours, as indicated by the EC. This is because of an expansion in the quantity of VVPAT verification to five random EVMs.

In April, the Supreme Court had ordered the EC to expand VVPAT slips from one EVM per Assembly constituency to five.

When will be the results be declared?

The results are probably going to be declared on May 23.

How would they count the postal ballots?

The postal ballots(PB) process is saved for service officers, their spouses, those on polling duty, electors subject to preventive detention etc.

The postal ballots are counted uniquely at the Returning Officer’s table. The voters are given Cover A, which contains the ballot paper. The voters are likewise given Cover B, containing Form 13A.

On the counting day, Cover B is opened and verification in Form 13 An is checked. In the event that it has been appropriately validated and the quantity of PB written in 13 A, matches with the number written on Cover An, at exactly that point is Cover An opened and ballots counted.

It normally takes about half an hour for the PBs to be counted, after which counting for the EVMs can be begun.

How is counting done when Lok Sabha and assembly elections are held at the same time?

Counting for both is done in the same counting hall. One side of the hall is held for counting of Lok Sabha votes while the other is saved for the state assemblies.

How many voting public are there in India?

There are an aggregate of 543 voting public in India that are represented by 543 individuals from Parliament (MPs) in the Lok Sabha.

These individuals are elected straightforwardly by the residents of India. The 29 states send 530 MPs to the Lok Sabha, while the seven Union Territories send 13 MPs.

In any case, it is essential to take note of that there are an aggregate of 545 individuals in the Lok Sabha, out of which 543 are elected and two are nominated by the President of India.

This time, polling happened distinctly in 542 constituencies after election in Vellore, Tamil Nadu was dropped after a money pull.

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