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Interesting and Fun Facts about Angelo Moriondo, the Godfather of Espresso Machines



Angelo moriondo espresso machine first patent inventor

Search engine giant Google celebrates the 171st birthday of Angelo Moriondo, the godfather of espresso machines, with an animated Doodle on June 6, 2022. Here are some interesting and fun facts about Angelo Moriondo.

angelo moriondo 171st birthday google doodle espresso machine inventor
Google Doodle on Angelo Moriondo’s 171st Birthday

Here is a look at the life and work of Angelo Moriondo.


  • Birth name: Angelo Moriondo
  • Date of birth: 6 June 1851
  • Birthplace: Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia
  • Died on: 31 May 1914 (aged 62)
  • Death place: Marentino, Turin, Italy
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Wife name: Mrs. Moriondo
  • Father name– Giacomo
  • Known for: Inventor of the espresso coffee machine

20 Interesting and Fun Facts about Angelo Moriondo

  1. Angelo Moriondo was born in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia on 06 June 1851 into a Cristian family. He experienced childhood in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia. He finished his studies at a local school in Turin, Kingdom of Sardinia.
  1. He was the one who first invented the espresso machine in 1884. In reality, Luigi Bezzera protected the main coffee machine to truly use steam to mix through its strain, rather than as to simply raising the boiling water over the coffee bed various years sometime later, following the pilgrim improvement in Eastern Africa and the foundation of Italian Somaliland in 1889 and Italian Eritrea in 1890.
  1. Angelo Moriondo came from a pioneering family. His granddad established an alcohol delivery association that was happened by his father Giacomo, who later established the eminent chocolate association “Moriondo and Gariglio” close by his sibling Agostino and cousin Gariglio. Angelo purchased the Grand-Hotel Ligure in the midtown region of Piazza Carlo Felice and the American Bar in the Galleria Nazionale of Via Roma.
  1. He came up with the idea of an espresso machine basically in the desire for acquiring an edge over his competition when espresso was a gigantically popular drink across Europe and in Italy specifically, yet it relied upon fermenting strategies that expected the customer to wait five minutes or more to have the option to raise a cup to his mouth.
  1. That’s what Angelo Moriondo figured if he would figure out how to make numerous cups of espresso all the while he would have the option to rapidly serve more customers. He trusted that word would then get round in Turin’s commercial district that his bars were the ones to go on the off chance that the tensions of business didn’t permit time for comfort breaks.
  1. Angelo Moriondo never contemplated industrial-scale production of his invention, his desires never reaching out beyond the necessities of his own businesses, and, not at all like later coffee machines, his gadget was not intended for making individual cups.
  1. Yet, specialists say that his innovation was without a doubt the first to use water and pressurized steam to speed up the espresso-making process and it was hence reasonable to pronounce it to be the world’s first coffee machine.
  1. Angelo Moriondo was glad about it yet missed an incredible chance to become the individual whose name is inseparable from espresso machines.
  1. Moriondo introduced his invention at the General Expo of Turin in 1884. where it was awarded the bronze medal.
  1. The patent was granted for a period of six years on 16 May 1884 under the title of “New steam hardware for the financial and quick sugary treat of espresso refreshment, strategy ‘A. Moriondo’.” The machine was truly worked by a repairman named Martina, working under the prompt management of the innovator.
  1. The machine comprised of an enormous boiler that pushed heated water through a huge bed of coffee grounds, with a second boiler producing steam that would streak the bed of espresso and complete the brew.
  1. It was progressively refreshed with a patent on 20 November 1884, Vol 34, No, 381. The improvement was then confirmed by a worldwide patent ensuing to being enrolled in Paris on 23 October 1885. After a short time, Moriondo kept on additional developing his creation radically, every improvement being protected.
  1. Angelo Moriondo never took the development to modern scale invention. He limited himself to the improvement of several hand-built, machines which he jealously proportioned in his establishments, convinced that this was a colossal promotion for them.
  1. Ian Bersten, an antiquarian chronicling the historical background of coffee, cases to be the main researcher to anytime see as Moriondo’s patent. Bersten portrays the gadget as “the principal Italian bar machine that controlled the inventory of steam and water independently through the espresso” and Moriondo as “probably the earliest pioneer of the Espresso Machine.” Unlike real espresso machines, it was a mass brewer and didn’t mix coffee “explicitly” for the particular client.
  1. Conceiving and making this machine was an extraordinary accomplishment. However Angelo Moriondo never really popularized the thought and it was left to two others, the Milanese duo Luigi Bezzerra and Desiderio Pavoni, to change his strategy and repackage it for the marketplace.
  1. Angelo Moriondo died on 31 May 1914 in Marentino, Turin, Italy. And he was about 62 years old when died.
  1. Angelo Moriondo restricted himself to the development of a few hand-constructed, machines which he enviously protected at some house, persuaded that promoting them was a bad idea.
  1. Within a couple of years, Bezzerra and Pavoni had developed a machine that could create up to 1,000 cups an hour, blending a singular shot of coffee.
  1. Angelo Moriondo made a comfortable living from his business ventures, following in the family’s footsteps as an entrepreneur, yet might have been both richer and more popular had he seen the likely in what he had made.
  1. On June 6, 2022, Google featured an animated Doodle on its homepage for celebrating Angelo Moriondo’s 171st Birthday.
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