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Interesting Facts About Indonesian Comedian Benyamin Sueb



Indonesian comedian Benyamin “Bang Ben” Sueb

Google Doodle celebrates iconic Indonesian comedian, actor, singer, writer, director, and producer Benyamin “Bang Ben” Sueb on September 22, 2020. Doodle was represented by Indonesia-based visitor artist Isa Indra Permana to memorize the day in 2018, Jakarta initiated Benyamin Sueb Park, a cultural center dedicated to maintaining the Betawi legacy to which Sueb gave such a large amount of his life.

celebrating benyamin sueb
Google Doodle For Celebrating Benyamin Sueb

Here’s a look at the life and work of Indonesia comedian Benyamin Sueb.


  • Birthdate: March 5, 1939
  • Birthplace: Batavia, Dutch East Indies
  • Died on: September 5, 1995 (aged 56)
  • Death place: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Father name: Suaeb
  • Mother name: Aisyah
  • Spouse(s): Alfiah
  • Children: Beib Habbani, Bob Benito, Biem Triani, Beno Rahmat, Beni Pandawa, Bayi Nurhayati, Billy Sabila, Bianca Belladina, Belinda Sahadati Amri
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: Indonesia
  • Education:
    • Bendungan Jago Elementary School,
    • Santo Yusuf Elementary School in Bandung,
    • Taman Madya Cikini Junior High School,
    • Taman Siswa Senior High School in Kemayoran,
    • Jakarta Academy of Banking
  • Known for: Singer, actor, comedian, producer, director
  • Notable awards:
    • Citra Awards for Intan Berduri (1973)
    • Si Doel Anak Modern (1975)

Interesting Facts about Benyamin Sueb

  • Benyamin Sueb is often written Benyamin S. or called Bang Ben.
  • Benyamin Sueb is a famous Indonesia TV actor who is generally prestigious for his TV actor, film director, singer, and comedian.
  • In 1946, he learned at Bendungan Jago Elementary School. At the point when he was in the 5th or 6th grade, he moved to Santo Yusuf Elementary School in Bandung.
  • After graduating, Benyamin Sueb proceeded with his studies at Taman Madya Cikini Junior High School, and afterward Taman Siswa Senior High School in Kemayoran.
  • He later learned at the Jakarta Academy of Banking for one year, yet didn’t finish.
  • Benyamin Sueb initially wanted to become a pilot, yet his mom restricted him; he eventually looked for some kind of work as a bread seller, then as a bus conductor.
  • During the 1950s, Benyamin joined the Melody Boys, who played calypso music, rhumba, cha-cha, jazz, blues, rock n roll, and some keroncong.
  • In 1992, Benyamin Sueb formed a new group named Al-Haj. The band released the album Biang Kerok. In “Ampunan” (“Forgiveness”), he sang genuinely.
  • In 1970, Benyamin made his debut in Banteng Betawi.
  • In 1972, he featured in his eighth film as Jamal, the main character in Intan Berduri.
  • In 1973, Benyamin Sueb worked together with Bing Slamet on Ambisi (Ambition) and Bing Slamet Setan Djalanan (Bing Slamet the Street Demon).
  • Benyamin Sueb additionally teamed up with Sjumandjaja on Si Doel Anak Betawi. In the wake of featuring in Si Doel Anak Betawi, he showed up in the sequel, Si Doel Anak Modern in 1975.
  • Legendary Indonesian comedian, actor, and singer who showed up in more than 50 Indonesian movies during his extensive career. Benyamin Sueb got two Citra Awards for Intan Berduri in 1973 and Si Doel Anak Modern in 1975.
  • Benyamin Sueb released 46 studio albums. He played in more than 53 films, as the main character or a supporting character.
  • His the best films are Betty Bencong Slebor (1978), Benyamin Koboi Ngungsi (1975), Hippies Lokal (1976) and Benyamin biang kerok (1972).
  • His successful albums are BENYAMIN S. dalam Irama Rock and Blues vol. 2.
  • Benyamin Sueb joined TV show named Si Doel Anak Sekolahan.
  • During the 1980s, after releasing Betty Bencong Slebor (Betty, the Frightful Transvestite), he decided to quit producing his movies and shut his film organization because of his incomes is not as much as production costs.
  • In 1990, Benyamin Sueb made Ben’s Radio, Indonesia’s only radio station devoted to Betawi, which keeps on playing Sueb’s music right up ’til today.
  • In 1995, he got a special award from the committee of Festival Sinetron Indonesia for his contribution to the improvement of Indonesian soap operas.
  • Benyamin Sueb died of a heart attack on September 5, 1995, after playing soccer in Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • On September 22, 2020, Google Doodle celebrated Benyamin Sueb to recognize the day in 2018, Jakarta initiated Benyamin Sueb Park.
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