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International Infinity Day 2020: History and Significance of Infinity Symbol



Universal and International Infinity Day

Infinity Day is otherwise called Universal and International Infinity Day. It is a recognition held on the 8th day of the 8th month of every year to celebrate and promote Philosophy and Philosophizing for the standard person. This year it is on Saturday, August 8, 2020.

Universal and International Infinity Day History

Infinity Day was first invented and made by Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo, a philosopher, poet, columnist, and sci-fi author. As a sidewalk philosopher, he got referred to in 1987 as “The Original New York City Free Advice Man”. He has since gotten known as a celebrity there.

Infinity Day was started in 1987 and has been celebrated as non-violent, peaceful, and legal exhibits for philosophical inquiry, freedom of expression, the right to speak freely of speech and ethics in society, all through the world. From that point, the author took it to different cities in the US and Europe. He currently lives in London.

We as a whole distinguish the infinity symbol with a sideways 8. Besides, we additionally realize it means no closure. In any case, did you know the infinity symbol implies more than that? Here are some pleasant facts for you to consider on concerning the number 8:

Why 8 is significant:

  • International Infinity Day is every year on the 8th day of the 8th month.
  • 8 planets in the Solar System — since Pluto got downgraded. Also, it takes 8 minutes for the sun to arrive at the earth.
  • 8 is the atomic number of Oxygen.
  • 8 is the maximum number of electrons that can possess a valence shell in atomic physics.
  • 8 individuals were saved in the Flood at the time of Noah.
  • 8th day: Jesus was circumcised, as the brit mila is held for Jewish boys.
  • 8 is the number of sides of the umbrella has.
  • 8 is the number of legs a spider or octopus has.
  • 8 is 2 cubed.
  • 8 follows 7 yet stops before 9 creation it the only non-zero perfect power that is one less than another ideal power.
  • 8 signs are accessible in a stop sign.
  • The Beetles released “Eight Days A Week” in 1964.
  • 8 is the premise of the octal system, every digit representing 3 bits. A byte is 8 bits.
  • 8 displayed horizontally is the symbol of infinity
  • 8 nations that border Austria (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland).
  • The infinity symbol represents infinite love for couples.

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