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International Paramedics Day: Theme 2022, History and Significance of the Day



International Paramedics Day

The first-ever International Paramedics Day will be held on 8th July 2022 to recognize and celebrate the work completed by paramedics and first responders around the world. All through the Covid pandemic, paramedics have put the prosperity and interests of others first, working energetically in the most challenging of conditions and frequently at great risk to themselves.

Presently, for the first time, the 8th of July is being committed to the world’s paramedics. This date is the anniversary of the birth of Dominique-Jean Larrey, the man frequently referred to as the ‘father of modern-day ambulance services’.

International Paramedics Day has been made, organized, and run by the College of Paramedics in the UK, with help from professional paramedics’ associations from around the world.

8th July – A day to perceive and celebrate the work done by paramedics and responders around the world.

St John will celebrate work by our paramedics and responders on call – both paid staff and volunteers – on the inaugural Australasian International Paramedics Day this Friday (8th July 2022).

International Paramedics Day 2022 Theme

The theme for the very first International Paramedics Day 2022 is Proud to be a Paramedic which we trust will resonate with paramedics everywhere, regardless of which area of para-medicine they operate in.

Friday, July 8, 2022, marks the debut of International Paramedics Day which celebrates the work undertaken by paramedics and responders on call all over the world.

As proud event partners, the Australasian College of Paramedicine, the Council of Ambulance Authorities, and Te Kaunihera Manapou Paramedic Council will highlight the breadth of paramedic practice all through Australasia, where paramedics are working in a wide assortment of roles, working in a scope of various healthcare settings, and assisting with further developing health results for all individuals in the region.

Our regional theme during the current year’s event is “Serving communities throughout Australasia”, in which the emphasis is on perceiving and celebrating the numerous uncommon ways paramedics are supporting healthcare in their communities.

Australasian College of Paramedicine Chief Executive Officer John Bruning said the day was an opportunity to showcase the many dimensions of paramedic practice in the region, where paramedics are working in their communities in a scope of various capacities.

“Since the introduction of paramedic registration in Australia in 2018 and last year in Aotearoa New Zealand, paramedics are increasingly working across different healthcare settings, not just jurisdictional ambulance services. It’s evolved into a multifaceted, multi-skilled profession staffed by highly educated paramedics who attend to a variety of patient presentations in broader domains of practice such as aged care facilities, GP and health clinics, hospitals, urgent care centres, industrial sites, and in other key primary health care settings.

“This day allows us to show the public the vital role paramedics are playing in supporting our region’s health sector and celebrate their amazing work and their unwavering commitment to the communities they serve throughout Australasia.”

To mark this event, we’re calling all paramedics to send us photos with quotes and videos of the work they are doing, which will be carried out over the course of the day on July 8, and subsequently will be accumulated into a getting-through video catching the numerous manners by which paramedics in Australasia are serving their communities.

Why is International Paramedics Day 2022 celebrated

International Paramedics Day sets out to:

  • Celebrate paramedics and responders on call all over the globe and the indispensable role they play
  • Recognize the distinction paramedics make to individuals’ lives in pretty much every possible circumstance
  • Raise awareness to light of the relative multitude of settings where paramedics work including primary and secondary considerations, GP surgeries, military, offshore, helicopter emergency medical services, education, research, and telephone triage systems
  • Promote the profession to aspiring paramedics and students

Paramedicine senior lecturer at VU Dr. Brian Haskins said “it’s basically the first time it’s been a worldwide recognition of the value and input paramedics make into the health service.”

Third-year Paramedicine student Kimberlie Jusic is eager to graduate and begin helping those in need.

“I’m interested in doing it because of the challenge and the diversity, being able to interact with such a broad group of people. To be the person that can make them feel safe on what is probably one of the worst days of their life,” Kimberlie said.

Sean Challis entered the course through a diploma pathway and loves the test of paramedicine, “There are lots of different problems to solve, be that, how do I physically get into this house, how do I get my patient out, how do I find out what’s wrong with them and how do I fix it?

“And at the end of the day, someone gets the help they need and feels better so it’s just that much more rewarding,” Sean said.

Kimberlie and Sean will be essential for Victoria University’s new program where paramedic students will run free CPR preparation inside community groups and schools nearby.

Dr. Haskins is developing the program and urges anybody to exploit the life-saving training to bridge the gap first responders arrive if somebody is having a cardiac arrest and requires CPR.

“In reality, if bystanders don’t do anything in the first 10 minutes, there’s very little chance of anyone surviving a cardiac arrest.

“For every one-minute delay in CPR, there’s a 10% less chance of survival. And for every one minute delay in defibrillation, there’s a 10% less chance of survival, and the average paramedic response time is about 10 minutes,” Dr. Haskins said.

International Paramedics Day is one of the main days of the year to:

  • Celebrate paramedics and responders around the globe;
  • Promote the profession;
  • Recognize the distinction they can make in a crisis or emergency;

To raise awareness to light and champion every one of the settings paramedics work including primary and secondary care, GP surgeries, military, offshore, research, education, helicopter emergency medical services, and telephone triage systems

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