Introducing Dae Jones, the Self-Made Powerhouse

Introducing Dae Jones the Self Made Powerhouse

When you think of self-made, the first person that comes to mind should be Dae Jones. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she is a woman who has taken charge of her own life and turned her passions and art – and her struggles – into a career for herself. She is a rapper, singer, and self-proclaimed “mom-entrepreneur.” That’s right – not only is she raising her daughter, but she is also the owner and CEO of her company Snap N Go Hats where she sells beautiful, high-quality hats with hand-sewn hair attached. Talk about innovation! So, when Jones says she has “No Daes Off,” it would do you good to believe her. She is constantly on the move, constantly taking steps to shake up the game and climb even higher on the ladder of success. To her, working hard is simply a way of life – and clearly, it has paid off. As an artist who is signed to the Island Records label, she has put forth some singles that can only be described as bangers – you’ll have heard of “Bad Bitch,” and “Cash App,” as well as her most recent single, “No Daes Off” from her No Daes Off  EP. The music video for “No Daes Off,” which came out on March 7th, can be seen on YouTube at the following link: It was directed by Drewski Films and is quite honestly a powerhouse of impactful lyrics and stunning visuals; Dae Jones showcases exactly what she’s capable of, which is leaving her audience stunned. The way she raps of her struggles and how she turned them into her successes is done in a way that is nothing short of artful. She’s a rapper who has clearly mastered her craft, and it’s being recognized left and right; in 2019, she was awarded the title of BET’s Next Rap Star.

Dae Jones is a firm believer in herself, and she isn’t shy about showing it – and with talents and skills like her, can you really blame her? She has put in the work tenfold and isn’t afraid to own that she’ll soon be the name that everyone knows and loves. With her EP, No Daes Off, she’s making bold and true statements about her worth – the copies are being sold for $100 apiece. However, she says this is because she knows just how much she’s invested in her music and all the work that’s gone into it. Considering this, she knows that people who match her energy won’t be afraid of the price tag but will understand it; she’s even being called the “next Nipsey Hussle.”This is a title that she’s readily accepted, and don’t you think it fits? Jones is a woman who knows her worth, and her work reflects just how great it is. With a story like hers, you know that whatever is on the horizon will only carry her further, and it won’t be through luck or coincidence – no, this self-made powerhouse creates her own successes, and it’s only going to continue this way.

To keep up with Dae Jones and her future releases, follow her on Instagram at the handle @daejones.