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Isaac Bradley is moving up the entertainment industry ladder:



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Hailing from LA, Isaac Bradley is a very talented artist who has established himself as a renowned actor and a producer in the industry. Isaac always knew he wanted to act and hence along with his college, he studied acting too. Although he was not able to complete his graduation, he made it up by studying acting for 3 years at Playhouse West Repertory Theatre in North Hollywood, CA.

Isaac is an artist who is available at all times of the day. He likes to give it his all for the projects he does. He says once he begins to work, he is available all the times of the day, because that is what artist do. This is why he is always open to working on new movie and music projects. His greatest mentor is Don B. Welch. Apparently, he has helped Bradley significantly to reach this stage of his life. Bradley considers himself lucky as he had the chance to be a part of countless stage plays of him. In fact, Don B. Welch also directed “Ocean Blue”, his music video.

He wants to share the public that they must Know their purpose in life and be tenacious in pursuing it. He also shares that one should really have to have thick skin because rejection happens all the time. “I love music and acting; however, this industry is tough and can definitely be difficult business wise. You really have to have thick skin because rejection happens all the time.”, says Isaac. Isaac Bradley says that he has the ability to keep moving even after a seatback. Family and friends keep him grounded and he knows these are way more important than superficial happiness.

It has always been a dream of Isaac to buy a property by a Lake and create music all day for which he is working hard to achieve it. He has a 12k+ following on his Instagram account @isaacbradley100 and has been growing constantly. His Spotify account is also well known and we are looking forward to his new releases. As he said earlier, music is his true passion and the one medium of expression he loves the most. It will be interesting to listen his art and get lost in some good art.

There is a lot more we can expect from Isaac Bradley in the future. Make sure you follow him for updates regarding his new releases both as a musician and actor.


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