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Why the Kids Should be Prepared for the Chapter on Ratio and Proportion in Mathematics?




The ratio and proportion are considered to be majorly based upon fractions and when a particular fraction will be represented in the form of A ratio B it will be considered as a ratio and in this case, the proportion will state that two ratios are equal. Here A, as well as B, can be two integers, and the ratio, as well as proportion, will be two important concepts that ultimately become the foundation for understanding the various concepts in mathematics as well as in science. In daily life, humans use this particular concept a lot especially in the cases of business while dealing with money or cooking any kind of dish. So, if the students are not clear about the concept of ratio and proportion in academics then they won’t be able to solve all these kinds of problems in day-to-day life. Hence, it is very much relevant for the people to have a good command over this particular chapter from the very beginning.

 The definition of ratio and proportion will be described as one of the most important concepts of mathematics and the proportion will be the equation that will help in defining that two given ratios are equal and to each other. For example, the time taken by train to cover a hundred kilometers per hour will be equal to the time taken by it to cover the distance of 500 km for five hours. Hence, the promotion will be the same in this particular case. On the other hand in certain situations, the comparison of two quantities by the method of division will be very much efficient and in this particular case, people can consider it as the ratio. This relation will help in giving how many times one quantity is equal to the other 44 examples. The ratio will be the number that can be utilised for expressing one quantity as a fraction of the other ones. Two numbers in a ratio can only be compared once they will be having the same units. Apart from this people also need to take the consultancy from the math experts at Cuemath because they will help in providing the children with the right kind of ways of solving the questions that will make sure that all their queries will be efficiently addressed and they will score well in exams.

Some of the very basic points to be remembered at the time of comparing this concept:

  1. The ratio should exist between quantities of the same kind
  2. At the time of comparison of two things the units should be very much similar
  3. There should be significant order of terms
  4. The comparison of two ratios can be performed and ratios will be equal and like the fractions.

 The formula of ratio will be one quantity/other quantity. On the other hand, the formula for a proportion will be if two ratios are the same then A ratio B will be equal to C ratio D. A: B:: C: D will be the representation of the concept of proportion. There are several other kinds of properties to be paid attention to as well for example dividendo, addendo, subtrahendo, componendo and various other kinds of properties. These two concepts of ratio, as well as proportion, are also different from each other because the ratio will be utilised in terms of comparing the size of two things with the same unit. On the other hand, the proportion will be utilised in terms of expressing the relation of two ratios. The ratio is an expression and proportion will be an equation. The keyword to identify ratio in a particular problem is to every and the keyword to identify proportion in a particular problem is to out of. Hence, it is very much important for the people to be clear about this particular chapter in the world of mathematics so they become masters of the field without any kind of problem.

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