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Jonathan Cornelissen Shows Potential of Modern Data Science



Jonathan Cornelissen Shows Potential of Modern Data Science

Our world has undergone a myriad of seismic changes over the past few decades. Many of these changes have been fueled by an explosion of technological resources related to the internet and the exchange of information. While the software has become the focus of this changing world, there is another field that is quickly becoming one of the most important in modern times — data science. To better illustrate this reality, we looked to the work of Jonathan Cornelissen, a founder of DataCamp. Cornelissen’s efforts will help inform readers as to just how much of an impact data has on the world today.

Educational work

The ascendance of data science can be found in the origin of a startup founded by Jonathan Cornelissen. While pursuing his Ph.D. in econometrics, the young entrepreneur noticed the difficulties he and others were having learning the programing language “R”, used heavily in the field of data science. When he looked for independent resources that could help with this pursuit, Cornelissen found that there were few to be found. Anticipating the growing need for such a resource, he set about creating an educational platform to increase data literacy.

The platform, DataCamp, began showing its worth soon after its creation. Early partners, such as formal educational institutions, utilized the resource to help students improve their competency in the area. The positive reviews from professors and students helped to illustrate the influence the startup was having on those it served. This helped the company grow in prominence and gain funding to create large-scale versions of its offerings. At present, the company has helped millions of learners increase their data literacy and participate more actively in the field of data science.

Impact on economy

The growth and success of the DataCamphighlights the need for competent data professionals in the world today. This demand is fueled, in part, by the increased quantity of data available to businesses and organizations of all types. While data has always been helpful in the decision-making process, it has not always been possible to collect enough data to truly inform a decision. In the past, businesses were limited by their access to customers or the ability to sample real-world instances of people using their products. Naturally, these limitations extended to the data science field as well.

In the modern world, however, our ability to collect data has vastly improved. Businesses and other organizations have a much easier time connecting with those they serve. The internet has been the catalyst of this ability, and social media specifically has helped to increase the effectiveness of data collection methods. This increased access to data necessitates the hiring of data-competent individuals.

While we’ve seen major advancements in almost all technologies in recent history, the above overview shows why data has been so greatly studied in recent years. Jonathan Cornelissen’s work with DataCamp has helped promote the field even further. Those interested in data science would benefit by looking into his work to gain a better understanding of the field at large.

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