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From MySpace to Gypsee – The Brief History Of Programmer Andrew Fashion



Andrew Fashion

At one time there was a website, one of the first huge social media sites called MySpace. It is 2005, and a young man by the name of Andrew Fashion, real name Andrew Thompson, is an avid user of MySpace. He, like so many others, does not like the limitations of the site.

Thompson has been an entrepreneur since 6th grade and a programmer for almost as long. He created the first MySpace editor – By now, Thompson has dropped out of high school and trying to earn a living off of advertising. He is earning approximately $150.00 – $200.00 a day.

As soon as made it online, Thompson saw an upswing in his followers on MySpace jump from a small handful to 30 to 60,000, a substantial number at this time. His income also jumped to almost $2,000.00 a day. Within a year, Thompson was a multi-millionaire.

His entrepreneurship led him to the next big thing, cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin. He turned $10,000.00 to 3 million in short order. All the while living the good life and enjoying himself and his wealth. The trappings of cryptocurrency were not to his liking, so he shifted gears from programming to app development.

By now, it is 2008. Thompson was using Apple and became skilled in the Swift programming language from the technological giant. He and a fellow programmer started an app. Thompson raised not only 1.7 million dollars for the app, but he also secured Sommer Ray, the Instagram fitness star to help with the app’s advertising.

It is now in 2019. Thompson, now using his professional name Fashion, has settled down significantly from his early days. He is older, and wiser now. Part because he recognizes his past mistakes and a larger part because of Sage, his daughter, and personal muse. He spends his days still programming.

His current project was the idea born of necessity between himself and his best friend. Gypsee, a travel app, will make a fundamental change in the way people enjoy a travel adventure. Friends from across the continental U.S. will make simple subscription payments on a particular location. All elements of the adventure will be covered from the flights to the activities. Best of all – everyone will arrive on location within six hours of one another.

Gypsee will debut sometime in the new year. We are certainly interested in what the app will bring.

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