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Justin Strong, a Success Story



Justin Strong

It’s been a rollercoaster of events for entrepreneur Justin Strong. At just 32, he is president of 2 multimillion-dollar companies. It wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies, it was hard work and dedication that got him through the stormy days. He wants you to know that with hard work, even through those difficult times, anyone can accomplish this.

At 25 years old, Strong wanted to start up a telecommunications business. He was granted a business visa, and with that, he started the company in Saudi Arabia. Money started going towards flights, accommodations and the pay for the four employees. He knew he had to get his foot in the door and this was a good way to start. Able to experience a project start to finish was a dream of his, and this gave him his chance to “get his feet wet.” He began to realize that the contracts weren’t lining up as originally planned. Things further started to escalate downhill as living in a different country began to prove great difficulties. At this point, Strong realized that this wasn’t working out as desired. He accepted the loss and took it as a learning experience. He explains, “ I would never take away the experience of failing at a business launch. I need to know that feeling and I think the success of all my other companies owes a small tribute to the failure.”

On the flip side, Strong grew from the negative experience and shares that his biggest success is how long his employees have stayed around, working for him. One has been around for 50 years. Being able to watch the employees grow throughout the years is as rewarding as it gets.

“Mindset is extremely important. You need to be focused, disciplined and know what your goals are and what you are trying to achieve.  The survival of a business is likely to come from the early beginnings.  You have to work extra hard off the start to get the right people in place. Make sure any necessary training is happening as fast as possible and get the cash flowing asap.  With a lot of businesses the success comes from the hard work and if you don’t work hard off the start you cannot get the traction you need,” Strong shares. It’s not easy, and that’s what made all of his achievements worthwhile. Positivity is key.

He says to get started in an industry that is already established. Network and build relationships. There are plenty of bright and talented folks out there with ideas that you may have never thought of prior. Use social media to communicate, if not in person. These days, social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are continuing to grow and are key to promoting any business. Don’t forget to take the time to look through and read messages for further opportunities that could be just a click away.

It’s easier said than done to worry about the future just as much as the present. We want to focus on the positives of now, instead of the potentials for problems in the future. Strong always had plans put in place for any unforeseen issues that could occur further down the line, making these problems more manageable when they do happen. As explained by Strong, “Different scenarios can keep different businesses going when times get tough.  For a more established business you should be planning for tough times and be prepared when they come as they certainly will.  Whether that be making sure there is cash flow in place. Another method could be diversification from your normal operation.”

Strong is excited to get his new business, Social Giveaways Inc. up and going. If you’re interested in following these giveaways and/or participating, feel free to message Strong on his social media page @iamjustinstrong

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