Kehar Singh ( kehar kharkiya): The mind behind Dil music

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Kehar Singh is an Indian music producer and the owner of” Dil Music” , a renowned Haryanvi music channel with approximately 3.81 million subscribers over YouTube . He grew with many hardships and followed his own path of success. His passion and level of dedication he has towards his work helped him to achieve his goals.

He has produced all the songs on” Dil Music “ which was started in 2018 from scratch to 3.81 million subscribers till date. Hard work, discipline, optimism and loyalty towards work craved him a position in the society.

Achievements :
Time never remains the same and waits for none. Kehar Singh was born and brought into a very affluent family. His father , Rajendra Singh was a renowned name in Haryanvi Music Industry ,a famous singer, a household name. However, time flew and he met with an accident and none of the label supported him and gave him an opportunity to prove himself again. During that period of time Kehar Singh realized and started his own label” Dil Music “. He prevailed over various obstacles in his ladder of success. Dil Music, supports talented artists ,nurtures them and strives the best out of them . Kehar Singh brought and made Diler Singh the face of” Dil Music “, man behind the making of Diler Singh. Till date Dil Music has produced over 36 music videos with millions of hits over YouTube giving another height and recognition to the Haryanvi Music Industry . “Moto” song in the year 2019 crossed over 580 million hits taking Dil Music to another tower of success. His vision and fascination towards his work made him excel in his field. His ideas are a perfect mix of intellectualism and hitting the person emotionally at the right place. He believes that he is yet to achieve the whole sky that he deserves . Currently he has Teddy Bear song in his kitty which will be releasing on 4 of July. His never give up attitude keeps him going .The idea behind Dil Music is to support those artists who are not backed by superstars. Dil Music is not a just a YouTube channel it is a dream, dreamt and fulfilled by Kehar Singh. Dreams do come true all you need is persistence and an attitude that Kehar Singh has. Failures and success is a part and parcel of life. Learn from failures move on and never stop dreaming , a believe held by Kehar Singh that kept him going in creating his own sky. Eventually it’s all about journey.