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Khawar Malik claimed his copyright on people using his content in their videos



Khawar Malik, the emerging music artist has been around on social media since 2015. He used to create online content, too and was one of the pioneers of content creation in Pakistan. He has been mocked in the past as a lot of people started a campaign against him because of group of meme makers were against Khawar Malik and his friend Uzair Altaf and out of jealousy, they started using his photos and make memes out of them.

The page named Mujeebi Saazish run by Abdul Mujeeb used Khawar’s photos in a couple of videos as a foreground photo as he called him names.

Khawar claimed the copyright as his photos were being used which got the videos from other party taken down and they got offended.

The artist wanted to report the matter to cybercrime department but the matter was resolved as both parties talked and came to an agreement. Abdul Mujeeb later posted this on his Facebook account.

Khawar Malik text

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