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Know About Wisdom Tooth from Langley Dentist



Know About Wisdom Tooth from Langley Dentist

Wisdom teeth are also referred to as the third moral. They show up when a person reaches his/her early twenties or late teenage. The problem with this growth is that it can bring uncomfortable experiences.

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Discomfort?

Yes, for some people, the eruption of this tooth can create an uncomfortable experience. However, for some people, there will not be any issues. For some people, it can lead to many dental complications. Issues show up when:

In these cases, this tooth can cause infection and discomfort and can be potentially damaging to neighboring teeth.

Know About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you experience issues with your wisdom tooth, Langley Dentist suggests its extraction. The extraction of this tooth is a surgical procedure.

The procedure should be done in a dental care setting. An oral surgeon or a dentist can do this procedure. With the removal of a wisdom tooth, you will experience a reduction in the pain caused by its growth. Also, the extraction will help prevent complications in your oral health in the future.

During this procedure, your dentist will initially numb the area around the tooth. So, you need not have to worry about the extraction pain. The dentist will do this using local anesthesia or other sedation techniques that you feel comfortable with. Then, the dentist will make an incision in your gum. The wisdom tooth will now be removed and the wound will be stitched up by the surgeon.

Why Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Important?

This extraction is not important for all. But it becomes important when you experience issues. With the extraction, you can get the much-required relief. Also, you will get better protection from teeth damage. The extraction will prevent overcrowding, damage to other teeth, infections, and cyst development.

To get your wisdom tooth extracted, you should choose the best dentist. But, remember that this procedure will not be painful as the area will be numbed before the procedure. So, if you experience pain or discomfort with the growth of wisdom teeth, get dentist help without delay.

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