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Know The Secret Of A Quality Entrepreneurship And Influencive Properties: Directly From Kartikay Rawal



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People always want to become something great but not everyone is interested in working hard to do great things. Indeed, it is easy to come up with a plan. But who are we kidding? It’s easier said than done. Kartikay Rawal Is not among one of those folks who just talks big, in fact he never does talk big and is a very down to earth person, humble by nature.

How Did His Journey Begin?

Kartikay Rawal started out very young in life. He had to do so because of the present situations and the family problems that had arisen out of nowhere. he knew that he had to go through a hard time and it was not much of a choice. What he could choose was how he wanted to advance in life and what he can specialise him. Obviously, his qualities played a huge role here. Kartikay is into film making, directing, modelling and also influencing. Influencing is something that comes hand in hand with the other above mentioned characteristics. Surely, a lot of the younger generation people could look up to him if they want a driving force from a very young age, he is a living example of how even a young person can hustle at most 20 hours a day without complaining.

Mr Rawal is still a student, studying in Bal Bharti Public School. He is addicted but not in a bad way, he’s addicted to success. For him, giving up and backing down is not even an option, never even considering that.

“I think one of the most motivating things is the negative vibes that I receive from other people. It makes me wonder that how can a person be a hater when I am literally trying my best to be someone. I can see that it is inspiring to watch them. Lots of people have mentors but I will have to admit that I am my own mentor, I teach myself the best and nobody can motivate me as much as I do” reveals Kartikay.

Entrepreneurship At Its Finest, Film Making At It’s Best

Kartikay Rawal has taken working to a different level. He was a born hard worker, winning awards from an early age in app development and directing wins all by himself. With his provided sense of imagination, he has also made a name among the celebrities from the film industry. he is bound to be a loved and well known person, there is literally nothing in him that isn’t nice. He gets super excited and passionate about digital marketing and networking, the idea about business organisations interest seems so much that he dedicates hours on it everyday.

No matter how work oriented this young man seems, deep down at heart he is a family man, loving and giving equal amount of importance as well as time to his friends and family. Right now he is 2 things, the youngest app developer and entrepreneur, and also an inspiring influencer with filmmaking qualities. Once he launches his music label, it will add on to his list of achievements. Want to get in touch with this wonderful young man? Look him up on Instagram @rawal_kartikay.

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