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Kratom Tea vs. Kratom Powder – Which One Is Good?



Kratom Tea

There will always remain a tug of war between the most preferred way of using Kratom by people around the globe. With Kratom gaining its popularity and being considerably famous, there are quite a lot of people who have opinions about different forms of Kratom especially the form of tea compared to powder.

What is Kratom?

Let’s start off by discussing what Kratom is and why it’s famous. Kratom is a tropical plant indigenous to Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Kratom has always been the talk of the town as it has been used as a medicinal herb since the nineteenth century. It is believed that Kratom contains more than 45 alkaloids, 20 of them being biological compounds like mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine. These compounds and a strong alkaloid profile enhance the effects of Kratom on the body and mind upon intake.

 It is known that Kratom, some way or the other links to healing and curing as it contains restorative and therapeutic properties. By far, Kratom is known to cure bodily illnesses like cough, diarrhea, respiratory issues, kidney dysfunctions, heart diseases and other lung conditions. Alongside that, it also has a positive role in working well with the brain by issuing alertness, motivation, mood enhancement and much more.

Till date, it has not been proven if Kratom can be used in medicinal industry as an easily available drug for illnesses, but research is going on and scientists are working hard to find evidences on Kratom being a useful herb for the world of medicine.

Consumption of Kratom

There are a lot of ways of consuming Kratom. It really depends on personal preference and style of consumption because there are multiple methods to choose from. Excluding the toss n wash, tincture and the capsule form, there are two highly popular methods which are Kratom in the form of tea and powder.

Kratom tea  

Kratom tea is made by adding brewed leaves to hot water. This tea can be consumed around four to five times a day depending on physical tolerance and behavior. The strains can be of different types and the tea can be taken at any time of the day. Now the people of the west, especially in the United States are particular about their coffee intake every day. Their day starts with a cup of cappuccino and ends with an espresso to pull up an all-nighter. If given the chance, they can even survive on coffee. Kratom provides similar stimulating effects as coffee as well as mental alertness and the best part is that it does not contain caffeine. So Kratom tea for the people over there might be the next big thing or the alternative to coffee and this is how they prefer it. It’s easy to go and easy to consume anywhere at any time.

Kratom powder

Kratom powder on the other hand is the ancient and old method of consuming Kratom. The people of its origin used to crush the Kratom leaves and take Kratom or sometimes even chewed the raw leaves. They believe that Kratom in its powdered form is more of a natural method which provides more benefits than Kratom tea. This is because the powdered form has small granules that increase surface area for absorption and provides effects efficiently. They claim that the powder is also an efficient method of checking the quality of Kratom as you can feel its actual texture properly leading to a better recognition of Kratom leaves and types.

Kratom tea vs. kratom powder

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what form of Kratom is ingested and how, both of them work equally well. Kratom tea might be a little slow because of the process but provides exactly the same benefits as the powdered form.

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