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The Indian Street or Restaurant Food: ‘Thegreatindianfoodie’ food blog by Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain



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Food is the symbol of love, when words are inadequate. How great does it feel when you have an opportunity to get the reviews on different types of cuisines! Thegreatindianfoodie is a page on social media formed by Sukrit Jain. He is a food blogger by profession 2016. His success on social media platforms are to be proud of currently.

Thegreatindianfoodie is an insight on the processes of how the Indian street or restaurant food is prepared. It’s quite impressive when we notice that this blog not only gives us the unique catalogue of the best food across the country but also the toil in the process of making it. This makes it even more interesting for the viewers and leaves them in excitement.

Thegreatindianfoodie has been persistently providing it’s viewers with absolutely varied and diverse range of food making techniques as well. This is not only a juncture for the followers but it is also providing for the restaurants and the street stalls as well. In a way Thegreatindianfoodie is promoting their brand and their venture, which will eventually provide them more customers, generate more revenue and increase popularity. 
Sukrit Jain and Kashish Jain have been very successfully managing this blog. On an interview they also mentioned about them being guest speakers at Amity University and Manav Rachna University. This gives them confidence and assurance that their work is escalating in the right direction and serving the people for good.

Thegreatindianfoodie posts on Instagram are quite mouth watering and vibrant. This blogs and it’s popularity are a proof that it’s dependable as well as praise-worthy in itself. Thegreatindianfoodie is also motivational to people who believe that they can take a chance to create something of their own in life. For people who love their food and want to explore different cuisines and unique food platters as well, Thegreatindianfoodie foodie is the best platform to reach and scout.

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