Lessons to Learn from Adamm Miguest’s Hiring and Management Style

Every new hire is an opportunity for a business to gain an important asset. It goes the other way, too. A new person can change things for the worse. That’s why hiring and employee management is such a big deal, especially in startup businesses that often rely a lot on the quality of the talent they employ.

Adamm Miguest, the head of Rapid Launch Media, understands all too well how important it is to be surrounded by the right people. He built a business around it, after all. His talent procurement and management philosophy can be translated into a couple of essential lessons.

It’s Preferable to Hire People Who Make Work Relaxing

What kind of people should be hired? From the standpoint of the entrepreneur, employer, or hiring manager, a good hire is a hire who gets the job done. Ideally, they should contribute to the workplace in additional ways, and it would be best if they easily adapted to the company culture.

Adamm has a specific philosophy when it comes to the type of people he likes to hire. He likes to be laid back and relaxed with work, which is something one can only achieve when they’re working with top-notch co-workers and employees. There’s no relaxing around someone who is making mistakes all the time.

When mistakes do happen, Adamm tends to keep his cool unless the mistake is something that’s easily avoidable. Bad stuff happens all the time, but if it could have been avoided and it wasn’t, that’s when someone can get into trouble with Adamm.

Employees Need the Space to Thrive – or Fail

Every new hire, no matter how good and qualified they might seem, are prone to making mistakes. That’s something that goes with the territory of being new in a job, and both the entrepreneur and the newbie should be prepared for it to happen.

Adamm’s take on it is that he likes to give the people enough room to make their fortune in the company. If they’re going to thrive, they’ll have all the space they need to do it. If they’re going to fail, there will be little stopping them.

It might sound ruthless, but it’s entrepreneurship 101. Failure is a part of the process. Much like with startups, the sooner failure comes, the more time people will have to reorient themselves toward something they will find more rewarding and be better at.

Having Just a Couple of Major Criteria Might Suffice

Of course, every new hire should meet the criteria required for their job. Every opening will come with its own set of requirements, just as every entrepreneur would like to see certain qualities in the people they hire. Usually, a new hire has to meet the criteria for the opening and those set forward by the person hiring them.

Competencies aside, the criteria an entrepreneur should have are best kept short and to the point. Adamm, for example, has three things he looks for in a candidate: dedication, intelligence, and willingness to work on a flexible schedule.

Between those three requirements, Adamm can quickly weed out the people who will never be compatible with his business and management style. After all, that is one of the primary goals of the hiring process—to make sure only the people who could fit in are let in. What they do with that chance is up to them completely. However, if Adamm has anything to say, he’d make sure they get the opportunity to succeed.

To keep up with Adamm, follow him on Instagram at @itsadamm.

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