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Syed Shabeen Lebbe Is The Man Of The Moment, Donning Many Hats As An Entrepreneur, Angel Investor And Business Advisor For Failing Start-ups Successfully



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Unbending vision and determination have brought Shabeen to the heights of success in the digital marketing industry.

The digital marketing industry is growing by the day and the vast opportunities that it offers has encouraged many young entrepreneurs to jump into this sector. Many of the talented youngsters have gone beyond the conventional framework of business and outperformed everyone else in the industry by their ingenuity and remarkable skills, and young digipreneur Syed Shabeen Lebbe from Sri Lanka heads this list. Syed always had a passion and aptitude towards technology, creation, innovation and starting his own venture. To gain experience and adroit in business management, he dropped out of school at 16, and started to work on building his own empire, and today stands amongst one of the best in the industry. By imprinting his name on the elite list of digital marketing pioneers in his country, he has excelled well, aspiring to make a name globally as well. Syed Shabeen, at just 20 heads his own consulting firm ‘Syed Consultancy’ which is one of the most emerging consultancy companies based in Qatar & Sri Lanka.

Syed Shabeen’s consultancy company never fails to impress anyone, whether it is about generating more traffic for consumers, entrepreneurs, brands, and businesses or about coming up with innovative content creation to attract a wide audience. Shabeen’s exceptional talent and expertise in the area of digital marketing has helped many failing businesses turn to profitable ventures. The dynamic go-getter has been nominated in the year 2019 for a few digital awards for his excellent role in the field of digital marketing. He is also a powerful social media influencer and his huge follower base is enough proof of his popularity. He stands as a strong role model for youngsters & upcoming entrepreneurs who strive to follow their passion in the industry.

His mantras for life are really simple keep your head down and focus on your work and he doesn’t believe in others opinion, he also loves to take a risk. He knows what to do & what not to do in correct time. He has set his standard very high for life which is surely going to give him some wonderful results in upcoming years for sure. It seems he won’t be stopped at any hurdle in his life as he believes in bringing a great approach to his businesses and his personal life.

Being the youngest successful entrepreneur of Sri Lanka, Shabeen is now pushing himself to get into the Forbes 30 under 30 list, which would make him a known figure globally. He has indeed paved his path to success with all the hard work and passion to make it big, and his success story is truly an inspirational one which is no less than any other we have heard till date.

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